Interview with Antti and Paavo from Bloodpit at  Helsinki 26.09.2009
(c)     by Carola Scheele

Hey, we’re from northern-rockmusic, an internet magazine... well let’s start. How would you describe your music to somebody, who has never heard something from you?
Antti: Describe it. It is…
Paavo: Rock music
Antti: Yeah…It’s rockmusic but…we try to keep it really vivid these days.  … and be really fierce on the stage, it’s really hard to describe it when you’re in an interview.

Someone like visitors can describe our music. So it is hard like... but it's rock?
Paavo: The whole history of our band I have been asked the same question and I never knew how to answer. It’s some kind of rock but with some mellow riffs but still melodic.
Antti: We don’t know.
Paavo: Yes, we don’t know. It’s kind of something, but…hard to describe.

Before the interview I was asked the same question by my friends and I also didn’t know how to answer, so I told them to watch the videos at youtube…
Antti: And they were like “What is this? Shit but …. but what kind of shit?”

Yeah. *laughing*
Well, as you are the new singer, how did you get into the band? How did the others get to know you and so on
Antti: Ahm.. Paavo asked me about two times.
Paavo: But I don’t remember the first time.
Antti: Yeah you were pretty loaded at that time. But you asked me twice. Well actually the first time we met was at this sadly  reknowned day  when they broke up with Matthau… I don’t know maybe it’s irony or what… but that was the first time…
At fall Paavo asked me that am i intrested of trying to sing their new demos and of course i was honoured but first time i said no.I had my other band going in that time.
Second time was at December...I think?
Paavo: I think it was December.
Antti: And then I were drunk. In that time my former band didn't know where to go and of course when i got this opportunity  I would have always regretted it if I hadn’t taken that chance.And this is my favourite band so i'm honoured!

So you joined you favourite band?
Antti: Yeah. So how many singers do you know that are singing in their favourite band?

You’re some kind of an ex-groupie?
Antti: *laughing* Yes. No… I’m not a groupie…I don't know... I’m not a homo… but well even if Paavo is a pretty lovely guy...:)
Paavo: *laughing* Yeah, we have our moments…
Antti: We had ahm… Jyväskylä Rock 2009 that was our moments... *laughing*

And did the work change now? Comparing the time with Matthau and now? Are there differences in song writing or rehearsal?
Paavo: There are some differences. Lots of things are kind of same but… maybe… maybe we are now more working as a unit… when we have a song we are… well he (points at Antti) is of course doing the lyrics and most of the melodies but we’re kind of helping him and I  never came up any singing melody before but now I…
Antti: It’s the first time.
Paavo: Yeah and if I play guitar I got some ideas what i cant sing so I have to play them.
Antti: We’re doing the stuff and composing it together thesedays.
Paavo: Yeah right.

And how did the audience react to your new line-up? What do you have for experiences?
Antti: They loved me and hated me. A good example: when you are talking about Alice in Chains, now they are starting again with their new singer Duvall  and when I've read interviews people have hated the new line up by saying it's not Alice in Chains anymore. But if they would have started a new band with him they would have hated them because it would still be sounding like Alice in Chains. So why should they change names? Name can be a burden sometimes.But after all people will realize that it's better this way.

Yeah it doesn’t matter what you do, they’ll hate you…
Antti: Yeah. People are like that. Some people liked our new stuff and someone have hated it… there’s a lot of new fans but on the way some old have turned their backs on us. Actually we don’t care we’re just doing our music…but it always good to have new listeners on our gigs.
Paavo: And I think we have… everyone who followed our band knows what happened… and of course that’s hard when  you are in a relationship it’s hard to pull it through with just one person and in the band you’re in a relationship with lots of persons and sometimes it doesn’t work. And we were thinking about… when we were starting to play again with Alarik and Aleksi we started to make some new songs and when he joined the band we were sure that we would return with a same name. We realized if we’d gonna change our name everyone would say “It's Ex-Bloodpit what sounds like Bloodpit” And of course we didn’t have to write new record contracts because we already had some and we didn't have start again with a backdrop? and stuff like this…

So it was cheaper like this?
Paavo: Yeah it was cheaper we didn’t have the money.
Antti: And you were too lazy to sign up new contracts…
Paavo: And I’m very bad in inventing band names… so…I created a monster and I didn’t want to create a new one:)

And what was the craziest thing that ever happened on stage?
Antti: Craziest thing? Mhm.
Paavo: Mhm. Some squarrel?
Antti to Paavo: What was the craziest thing? Ah… actually our sound engineer was playing bass at one of our gigs. Aleksi was stuck at this gay parade at England.
Paavo: He was stuck at London airport.
Antti: Yeah.
Paavo: That was only a coincident that there was a gay parade at the same time.
Antti: But it's much more funnier this way!
Paavo: Aleksi called me at Friday evening, nine o’ clock or something like “I’m at London” and I was like “That’s good for you, but why are you telling me this?” “Well I’m at London and I’m going to be at Tampere at 11 o’clock tomorrow and we’re playing at Lehtimäki around 10 or something.” So I was like “Oh shit!” Then our soundengineer Kerkko took the bass and rehearsed. It was kind of funny we just asked him like some blackmail bastards??? ….???
Antti: Actually another one was this Jyväskylä Rock in 2009. Paavo, do you remember anything of that gig?
Paavo: Some… some.
Antti: He was pretty drunk on the stage and actually we had lots of fun, it was maybe the best gig this summer, but you didn’t play so well:) it was a pretty fine gig after all. You should have been there.

Can we maybe look for a better place to make this interview? Because the other bands’ sound check is so loud that I don’t think, we can hear anything on this record afterwards.
Antti: Yeah sure.
(Well nobody moved J, sound check is still noisy)
Antti: You can also write the interview out of your head.

Well… okay.
Antti: Write whatever you want us to say.

Yeah, why don’t we stop and I do the rest on my own?
Antti: That’s fun. *laughing*

Okay. Describe your typical day routine. How often do you have band rehearsal or something like this.
Antti: This is hard because… Aleksi went to a new school in Pori and these three guys are working on different times so we haven't practiced lot in these past few weeks … usually we’re practising. We’re not lazy but…
Paavo (ironically) Nooo…
Antti: No no no, you are, but…I don’t know. Last spring we rehashed a lot but this summer has slipped thru our hands, of course we had 30 gigs .We're still trying to practice twice a week but we should practice a litlle bit more!
Paavo: You should practise; I don’t need to practise anymore.
Antti: Yeah because you're so good.

And… say something about the new video? How did you get the idea for making it like that?
Antti: “For you to be safe”?

Antti: Actually the idea came from the film crew who made the movie Skeleton crew? Actually it just came out.
Paavo: The movie, yes.
Antti: It’s kind of a horror movie. And we wrote  “For you to be safe” to fit in that movie. It will be on those extras I think.

And how do you get your inspiration if you write songs? How do you write them?
Antti: Lyrics?

Yeah is it just like a special inspiration and then you start writing?
Lot of the new albums lyrics contains this kind of relationship stuff what I needed to get out of my system.But these days I'm more into writing in these kind of a concepts.I usually get my ideas from movies. Maybe we should concider of making a soundtrack...I don't know?

And when you’re on stage and perform your song do you still remember the situation you wrote it?
Antti: Yeah, yeah of course those feelings come up and sometimes when I’m singing…But sometimes you just have to get pass your emotions while you're singing I don’t wanna cry on stage, you know?

But does it sometimes  happen that you write a song and afterwards read your lyrics and think “What the f** was I doing”?
Antti: Yeah sometimes. I don’t know what to say. Sometimes lyrics gives you another meaning if you give them a litlle more time.
 Paavo you should write songs too.
Paavo: Yes.
Antti: Actually we wrote a song together.The Ode For The Killswitch.We wrote that song maybe in five minutes and you were drunk, I was drunk. We were just… having fun. That song is all about hate but we wrote it when we where in a "good mood".:)
Paavo: It started from a line that I was just playing, I was singing something that sounded English. And I had  a great line for the chorus and the idea what the song should be about and then we just wrote it together,in the bar!
Antti: Yeah… yeah…and we are in the bar all the time… or should I say at home, cuz we spend more time there than our homes.

Which one of your own songs is the most important to you?
Antti: For me?
Antti: The most important song is maybe Rotten to the core... it’s always good to play at live. Of course we’re going to play it tonight. it’s just s  a great song.
Paavo, what do you think?
Paavo: About “Rotten to the whore”? (J)
Antti: “Rotten to the whore” or “Rotten to the core”, anyway, but what is yours?
Paavo: Mine? Ahm… I don’t know …maybe Triangular from Platitute-single. It’s a B-side from that single. It was like... we recorded it in the studio and we were like „This doesn’t sound good enough for being in an album“ and afterwards when it was mixed it was one of the best songs so it was kind of a shame to put it on a B-side, because we already had the tracks for the album. And it’s always nice. Like yesterday I was playing the opening riff and there were some people in the audience like “huhuhu”, they like it too. So it’s some kind of a hidden song from a B-side.

So how are you planning your setlist? Is it more like picking one?
Antti:Yeah actually we’re…
Paavo(at the same time): It’s always hard.
Antti: …these days we’re picking them in five minutes before we’re going on stage. We’re like “Okay…we have to do a setlist, we can't go there without”, so “Hey, what should we play tonight!
Paavo: “… let’s make a setlist” Sometimes we have a set list for ten shows, and then we get bored and then we decide lets switch the places of the songs. Sometimes it works, it's like  “Hey that was a good set, let's do it again” and sometimes it's like “No that was really bad”.

And what do you think about acoustic gigs?
Antti: I love them. I … I haven’t done those gigs before Bloodpit but they are like singers moments. You can just sit and sing and drink beer and candles are burning. People are there just to listen. They don’t get their ears hurt and it’s much more relaxed.
Paavo: Yeah even…
Antti (interrupting Paavo): I’d like to do those more often.
Paavo: You can find a lot of stupid thing from the songs when you take all the punk away… you can hear much better what this song is all about.
Antti: We are always composing those songs and doing new arrangements and hoping it will turn them to a new level.

But you’re composing them… not as an acoustic song but as … well like punk song?
Antti: Yeah, and then turn it back.

So…tell some good and bad habits about each other!
Antti: Good and bad habits?
Antti: You’re an alcoholic.
Paavo: You too.
Antti: Am I?
Paavo: Yeah.
Antti: Addicted to gambling.
Paavo: Hehe.
Antti: We were  talking about it to day  cuz I stopped gambling a year ago and three days ago I started again.And now I’m almost broke already.
So that is my bad habit.
Paavo: And he’s always like… I don’t know the real word… he's always Planning everything like “What we’re going to do in the next 6 months?” and I’m like “Today is for relaxing”.
Antti: Yeah, you don’t care, I do.
Paavo: Hey, take it easy.
Antti: Ashole:) But I’m young.
Paavo: Yeah, he is young.
Antti: young gun of the band.
Paavo: He’s young, he has still energy. I’m older. I don’t care anymore.
Antti: Yeah, I have some passion.
Paavo: I lost my gain of life already.

What was the first concert you have ever been at?
Antti: My first?

Yes, but not the one you played, the first you have been at.
Antti: My first concert?
Antti: I don’t remember… what was my first concert?
Paavo: Maybe it was in 84 or 85. A Popeda-Show. I remember my father playing in that band and I was watching them, my mother was holding me and I was watching. I don’t remember when it was I only remember that my mother was all the time like “Should we go home?” because I was three or four years old and I was like “No no no! I want to stay here!” And all the way home we were walking I was like “I’m so tired, I don’t want to walk anymore, why didn’t we leave earlier?”
Antti: I think my first concert was one of these Gospel concerts at a church. Maybe that is the reason why I don’t care about upstairs or downstairs it good to be here in the middle if you know what I mean?
Paavo: That’s why you’re such a religious guy.
Antti: Yes. I’m so religious. I don’t remember what was my first… rock concert.

Well… maybe the first important concert you can remember?
Antti: Ah… I was the Chilli Peppers… yeah… Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
Paavo: Where did you go?
Antti: Turku.
Paavo: Turku? I was there too.
Antti: Yeah... it was like the first time I went to arena…it was in 2000 something?
Paavo: 2003 or 4 in Turku.
Antti: Oh no the Motörhead… yeah Motörhead at Ankkarock that was my first rock concert I've seen. I don’t remember the year.
Paavo: I saw Metallica at Helsinki Ice Hall in 90…97… they had this… in the end of the show they had this kind of faked accident. When everything started to fall down…and burning and some stunt guy falling from somewhere and then they came back and played with small amplifiers. And I was like … well it was a fake accident but…
Antti: You took it for real?
Paavo: Yeah, I took it for real and was talking to my friends like “Let’s go, let’s go… the place is going to explode…” and all the way home. And I remember talking to my parents “There was fire in the end and everything started to explode…” but the next day I read from the newspaper that it was a faked accident, but I still didn’t believe it. It was the time when internet wasn’t that popular… because nowadays when a band is coming to Finland, you know the setlist and everything that’s gonna happen in there… and that was so a kind of surprise.

And when did you play your first own concert?
Antti: My first concert with my own band?
Antti: It was… 7 years ago…I was born at Lieksa that’s near the Russian border… and it was … the band was called “Starless” and this kind of event to upper grade…that’s not the word… I don’t know the word…it’s not high school but “Yläaste”.
Paavo: Yläaste.
Yeah, I know it.
Antti: But what is the word?
Secondary school?
Both: Yeah.
Antti: It was one of these days when we were playing in secondary school. Before the concert I was throwing up all the time It was one of the most horrifying moments of my life. When I was younger maybe the worst thing, I could ever imagine was that I should perform. Singing or speaking to the audiece meant pissing in my pants… and nowadays I’m doing that for my work. Not pissing in my pants but singing:) I got over it and I’m not so nervous anymore… it’s now more like my home.

What would you like to read about yourself in a magazine?
Antti (to Paavo): You can say… I don’t know… You can write whatever you want.
Paavo: Something cool.
Antti: Yeah, something cool.
Paavo: Nothing embarrassing or stuff like that. Something I don’t know. It would be nice to spread some rumours about yourself.

Yeah…give me some ideas and I’ll spread them.
Paavo: Yeah. Now I can say whatever I want.
Antti: Say something about Aleksi.
Paavo: No no no… ahm… I don’t know… that was a hard question.
Antti: It was hard yeah.
Paavo: Mhm…
Antti: Rumours are great! I heard once that I have a child. There was this rumour when I was playing with Anton my brother’s child… and then I heard this rumour. It was like… someone had seen me with this kid and spread the rumour that “Hey, Antti Ravin has a child…” This kind of rumour is always good.
Paavo: I just heard one Australian girl told me that one of her friends has told her that I have been a roommate with Antti Tuisku which was kind of weird. She was like “Is that true?” And I was like “Well.. ahm… no.” Where does that come from?
Antti: Well… yeah…there was a rumour at that Rihimäki Rock, where we actually should have played but we didn’t cause Petri was so sick, almost 40 degree fever. And then I went there just to drink beer and have a good time with my friends… So I went there, lots of girls have seen me, and then they wrote me at facebook that have we broke up again with Bloodpit or if I had a new band or something, because I was there but no one else was.
Antti: But rumours are good.
Paavo: Yeah.
Antti: It’s always good when people are talking about us. Either if it’s good or bad.
Paavo: It’s usually bad.
Antti: Marilyn Manson said that, not me.

At least they are talking about you.
Antti: Yes.

And… with whom of your band would you like to change for one gig and why?
*Both laughing*
Antti: Paavo, you can say, I don’t know.
Paavo: I would like to be Aleksi, because I realized that I would like to be bass player.

Paavo: I don’t know. I’m such a bad guitar player and the bass has less strings. And it’s kind of very manly instrument. It’s heavy and you have to…use raw power… guitar is like…
Antti: …Pretty girly…
Paavo: Yeah… actually… a pretty girly thing to do.
Antti: You always have to play drums or bass.
Paavo: Yeah.
Antti: Those are the real instruments… and then just scream your head of.
Paavo: Drums and bass are the manly instruments!
Antti*laughing*. Guitarists are so girly… like Paavo.
Paavo: No…

If you were a teacher in a school for one day, what would you teach the children?
Paavo: Don’t take drugs.
Antti: Yeah… that is like…that is a good thing to teach about… we're professionals in that stuff…
Paavo: Teaching people to…
Antti: Yeah… teaching people how to take drugs… ah… no no no.:)
Paavo: Ahm… I don’t know… maybe something about… respecting other people…and … how to behave… something very boring.

And for which band would you travel around the world to see a concert?
Antti: Maybe for Sunrise Avenue. *laughing* No, I don’t know. I don’t know if there’s a band in these days… maybe Alice in Chains.

some girls from Canada came to Finland to see some bands… So is there a band for me that I’d like to travel like 16 hours just to see them for 45 minutes?
Paavo: I would do if I had money.
Antti: Yeah. If I were a millionaire I  just travelled to the gigs.
Paavo: You have to find yourself a rich husband.
Antti: Husband? A rich wife!
Paavo: Ah… yeah… I always confuse those two.
Antti: I don’t care:)
Paavo: Yeah, but sorry.

What is the most important for you during a live show? Outfit or atmosphere or place where you play, city…?
Paavo: For us? As players?
Paavo: It’s… it’s kind of different. Sometimes it’s like… when you are somewhere outside Finland…that’s always kind of… if the place is…crappy and there are no people… so somewhere else than Finland in some other city. Sometimes it is in some places…a really good stage and the sound is so good… that’s kind of difference.
Antti: It always depends.
Paavo: But it’s nice to be touring at the same places and when you go somewhere you gonna know, okay, there’s gonna be this or that.

And in the audience you know that face and that face…
Antti: Yeah. It’s like: “This time… this place… with this line up” It’s good to come to the same place, so we know what we are doing there. if we have a big stage… I like places with  a big stage that I can move. Wednesday we where in this little place… Dubrovnik… and when I wanted to move one foot to another direction I was standing on someone’s feet. So I was like “Okay…Just sing and stand still.”
Paavo: And I have learned... when we have a small stage I have learned to to lift my guitar up and move that we don't always hit to each other… So I always have to know what he’s doing. Because… he doesn’t know what he’s doing.
Antti: Yeah.I'm Just jumping and… I don’t know…It depends on the gig. Sometimes I’m always jumping and running. Sometimes I’m just standing still. Depends on my mood…

And the song.
Antti: Yeah of course. Of course… It depends on the song, but on my feelings, too.
Paavo: Singing, playing a ballad and banging your head:)
Antti: Yeah, head banging and a ballad isn’t good.

Okay… well… if you had three wishes, what would you take?
Antti: What?
Three free wishes, whatever you want.
Antti: That is hard. … 2 million bugs… money is always the first…
Paavo: I would like to have one bag of beer…
Antti: Just one?
Paavo: And second I would like to have …
Antti: Second bag of beer?
Paavo: …as much beer, that it would never end… and third one would be… on more beer.
Antti: Okay…yeah… and maybe a freezer. No I take more normal stuff… I wanna be healthy… and of course I wanna be a rich, I wanna be a famous, I wanna be  have all those girls… Pussy Cat Dolls… I wanna have groupies. So I wanna be rich, I wanna be famous and I wanna have groupies. Yeah *laughing* that is three things. They said it  first.

Imagine you had to take part in a Disney Movie…
Antti: I wanna be a Shrek.
Yeah… that was exactly the question I planned… which character would you choose and why?
Antti: I don’t know I just wanna be a Shrek, that green alien and he's so nice and friendly…or… Hulk.
But he is green too…
Antti: Oh yeah, *laughing* just a green person.
Paavo: You would like to be a green person?
Antti: Yeah… maybe… or I don’t know in a Disney movieit fine by me
Paavo: Uncle Scrooge.
Antti: What?

Antti: What did you say?
Paavo: Roope-setä - Uncle Scrooge.
Antti: Yeah.

Which one?
Paavo: The uncle… the rich one…
Antti: The uncle of Donald Duck.
Paavo: Is it uncle Scrooge in English? But the rich one.
Antti: I don’t know… But you know the rich one…
Paavo: Uncle of Donald Duck.

Ah… yeah.
Paavo: Money.
Antti: Of course I wanna be a Shrek. He has good hearts. He’s so honest.
And he has nice ears.
Antti: Yeah, he is a beauty. really Handsome
Paavo: And green.
Antti: Yeah, and green.

What is the best or worst saying to get of with somebody?
Paavo: Do you have money?
Antti: No, I didn't hear … what was the question?

The question was like… well if you meet a girl on a party, what is the best or worst saying to get into talking?
Antti: She’s… is gonna tell us or what?

Yeah. And you want to talk with her and so on. So, how to start?
Antti: this is my weakness? I don’t know how to start… I’m so nervous… I don’t know how to talk with girls.
Paavo: I know a really bad one. I haven’t tried it on women…
Paavo: You go to a girl and ask: “Can I borrow your telephone?” “Yes, why?” “I want to call my mother, that I just met the women of my life.”
Antti: Oh that is a good one. Or isn’t it? Is it good or bad?

Well… ahm… it’s a creative one.
Antti: *laughing* Yeah, creative.
Paavo: Something like… well of course we want to know if the girl is rich… or if she has rich parents. But “Do you have money?” is some kind of rude. So you have to find another way… like…
Antti: Maybe “Can you offer me 600 beers”?
Paavo: Or “I hope you’re not poor
Antti: Really bad ones… really bad ones… That’s why I don’t talk to girls. Usually the girl comes to talk to me so I don’t have to start the conversation.

So that’s easier for you.
Antti: Yeah.
Paavo: Usually you start like “Do you come here often?” or something like that better is like “Do I come here often?”
Antti: *laughing* That’s a good one.

What do you like to hear from girls, when they talk to you?
Antti: I don’t know. I like talking so we can talk about doesn't matter..if I'm not in the mood I'll let her know!.
Paavo: That’s nice.
Antti: But I’m never rude. Never, I don’t know what I’m saying. Maybe that's why I usually go to icehockey games where there's no girls
Paavo: But it's always good if the girl starts talking about ice hockey or football.
Antti: Yeah, that’s good.

*laughing* So when you’re in the disco, you’re waiting for a girl that asks you “How about football”?
Antti: Of course…
Paavo: Still waiting.
Antti: Yeah I’m still waiting for that girl. That’s the girl of my dreams. … I think Paavo would like to marry that girl…in a heartbeat.
Paavo: “What about football? I can cook.” - “YES!”
Antti: Cooking is always good.

Can you cook?
Antti: Yeah.
Antti: I’m a good cook. Actually Pietu and Alarik are also good cooks, too.
Paavo: I can cook, too.
Antti: No, you don’t.
Paavo: Yes I can.
Antti: What? Chicken?
Paavo: I can make something.
Antti: Chicken wings.
Paavo: I can make really good soups.
Antti: Really?
Paavo: Mhm.
Antti: Okay. I never tasted it.
Antti: What was the question? Ah “Can I cook”!
Paavo: Who am I?
Antti: Where am I? - Yeah I can cook. Who are you? What the fuck is happening?:)
Paavo: Moments of confusion.

Well… yeah… more crazy questions. If you could change on part of your body which would you change and why and how?
Antti: Ah…
Paavo: And how…
Antti: I don’t know what I wanna change… maybe my stomach its too big already.
Paavo: You can change your left foot into a third ear.
Antti: Aha. Yeah???
Paavo: Me, too.
Antti (to Paavo): What about you? Which part would you change?
Paavo: This is getting really weird…
Antti: *laughing* Yes, I know.
Paavo: I don’t know. I haven’t thought about that kind of thing.
Antti (to Paavo): I asked those girls to ask really strange questions… *laughing* but we don’t even answer.

Hey, you wanted it like that.
Antti: Yeah.

So, more…What is the ugliest piece of clothing you have in your cupboard?

Antti: *whistling*… Ahm…Do you have girls underwear?
Paavo: I once had.
Antti: You once had? When? When you had a girlfriend?
Paavo: No I had… strings…
Antti: Strings?
Paavo: Yeah.
Antti: Okay. Do you still have them?
Paavo: No.
Antti: Did you wear them?
Paavo: I put them on the ball and my dog had fun with them.
Antti: And your dog was eating them?
Paavo: Yes, my dog was eating them. … What was the question? What is your favourite female clothing you like to wear?
Antti: Girls underwear. No, that was my question… What was your question?

It was about your ugliest piece of clothing.
Antti: Ugliest piece… I don’t wear ugly things.
Paavo: I once…
Antti interrupting him: I have…those old black leather gloves.
Paavo: I used to wear those ugly  black tribal shirts
Paavo: And once I realized that I was looking stupid  I gave them to my little brother, because he is even more stupid than me. And he has bad taste.
Antti: I also had yellow pants.
Paavo: Why?????
Antti: And I don’t even like yellow.
Paavo: But why?
Antti: Why? I don’t know.

You just had them or did you wear them too?
Antti: Actually I was wearing them. It was like 5 or 6 years ago. When I had nothing to wear, I was wearing stuff that I don’t like. Okay, next one.

Imagine you were a girl, what would be the first thing you would buy?
Antti: If I would be a girl…Actually Pietu asked me that question yesterday. Of course I want to buy some shoes. If I were a girl I would buy girls shoes… this kind of high heels…stilettos. And try to walk with them .
Paavo: I would buy a big hat with flowers.
Antti: Flowers? Okay.
Paavo: Flowerhat.
Antti: Of course I would go shopping. That’s what girls do all the time

With which famous person would you like to take a bath or go to sauna?
Antti: I don’t know.
Paavo: I don’t bath.
Antti: Mhm… sauna… famous person…Michael Jackson is already dead…
Paavo: He would be a quiet company.
Antti: Yeah... quiet company whose rottening at thesame time:).
Paavo: I don’t know. I bath only two times a year, so… one is in midsummer and one is before Christmas…
Paavo: So maybe i wanna bath with Santa Claus?
Antti: Spend an evening in the sauna with Santa Claus…of course he should wear his clothes.
Paavo: Yeah!
Antti: And next one!
Ahm… well I don’t think that we have more... but we have a questionnaire… if you want to fill it out…

(Actually it turned out to be more difficult than we expected. We got comments like “It’s like in school”, then they tried to copy each others answers. Paavos phone rang, but he didn’t ask whoever to help him, but after he finished his questionnaire, he helped Antti J ).

Do you still want to answer some questions?
Antti: Yeah of course. Take your time.
I have a general question about soundchecks…
Antti: Yeah.

Do you play your whole set list… well.. ahm… you don’t have a set list, but are you playing some songs because it is like half an hour, so what do you do?
Paavo: It is like this “boom boom boom… boom boom boom boom boom…dug dug dug boom” and sometimes “takatakataka”. Very boring.
Antti: Yeah. We only play like one song.
Paavo. And sometimes, if we have times it is nice to play.. not really to jam but some songs and sometimes we have a song that we haven't played for a while we can go through it in sound check.

And can you play some other instruments?
Antti: I'm trying to play bass.
Paavo: I can play bass and I used to know how to play drums... or I know how to play drums but I haven't  done it for years.
Antti: I play guitar but just for myself... when I'm writing songs Its a good help. Next one!

What are you scared of?
Antti: Scared of? Like …. being left alone.
Paavo: I once had a neighbour who was scared of cheese.

Paavo: Cheese.

Paavo: I don't know. One of my friends was chasing him with a piece of cheese and he was running away. That's weird. I'm not scared of anything.

Okay. Could you imagine writing in Finnish and releasing that song?
Antti: I think it's not the thing for this band.
Paavo: Yeah. Writing in Finnish is... I have big respect for those who do... because in English it's much more easier.
Antti: It's more lyrical language. I wrote poems when I was 16 or 17 years old... I wrote them at Finnish... I know how to write  but I don't know how to sing it. It doesn't sound good.

And what kind of music are you listening to when you are at home?
Antti: Alice in Chains there's always new albums in my player but these days... Day Eleven, my friend's band.

And you, Paavo?
Paavo: My own favourite band is Herra pitku?, old line up.  And then of course Metallica has been a big band for me... the last cd I was listening to was Deftones. but I don't listen that much to music home anymore. I don't know why. I haven't found much new bands, some CD's I once had... I don't know why. ..

What was the greatest gig you ever played?
Antti: Actually I already answered that question in the paper. It was a gig in Lithuania "Roko Naktys" There was 6000 or 7000 people  watching us. It was the best gig in my life. afterwards I felt like im a biggest rockstar in the world... It was a great moment... and a great afterparty with the Hybrid Children.
Paavo: Yeah there were lots of people. Maybe one of the biggest moments was when we first played at Pakkahuone the biggest venue in Tampere. We were supporting Negative there in 2004. We had a record deal but we hadn't any cd out yet and afterwards we had our first German fanpage and that opened a lots of door for us.

So the German fanpage was even before you sold CD's?
Paavo: Yeah. A week after the concert we discovered that we had a German fanpage. And it was really a good feeling, at least when you are playing in your home town, when you have been watching a lot of bands playing there and were dreaming of that place. It was good. One of the best.

What are you addicted to?
Antti: I don't wanna answer... but you can if you want?.
Paavo: ILVES hockey games started six minutes ago and it's on TV.

Ah... icehockey, okay.
Paavo: Not addicted but...
Antti: No... noooooooo.
Paavo: No. Where is the TV?
Antti: Icehockey is okay. Next one!
Paavo (mumblings something)
Antti: Icehockey is a good answer... Hey girls, next one!

Ahm... yeah....we want you to sing a song. Spontanous. Start now!
Antti: I don't know what to sing *starts singing Happy Birthday for Paavo* It*s not his birthday, but you got your song.

Well... ask each other a question. Something you always wanted to know.
Antti: Okay, I'll ask you ... which bar we're going to go to watch the hockey game?
Paavo: Well, I think we might go to Okus place.
Antti: Okay, and now you have to answer.
Paavo: Mhm... I don't want to know anything about you. I know enough. I know too much.
Antti: *laughing* “So, so, can you delete my memories?”

Good. And we don't have anymore questions.
Paavo: Okay.
Antti: Thank you. *checks the time* Oh, that took a while already!
Yeah, more than one hour... Kiitos!
Paavo: Danke... schön.

Do you understand German?
Paavo*thinking long*: No.
Antti: I don't... ahm... bitte.
Paavo: Ich habe Sauerkraut in meinen Lederhosen.
Antti: What?
Paavo: Mulla on hapankaali nahkahousuissani:)

And thank you for the interview.

More pics and pics of the gig are in the Gallery!!