Interview by Ani Wikked/Anni Hyvärinen
Hellcity Punks,
Hamburg (Headcrash) 8. April 2009
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It was a lousy and rainy day in Hamburg and so my expectations weren’t too high for the interview. It was pure stress to actually even find the Headcrash! Me and my dear friend Svea came to the Headcrash at estimated time, 6.45PM. I rang up Angie of ANNA Promotions so she would let us in and get the guys together. We waited. And waited. And waited… another few minutes until Jan (staff of the Headchrash) finally told us that they hadn’t finished their soundcheck yet.

After another cigarette in the cold, windy Hamburg’s weather we could finally meet up with Hooligan and Janze! We sat together in the bar downstairs and had a little chitchat about this and that…

NR: You guys formed in 2007, is that right?!
H: With the current line-up, yes. 

NR: Right, well then… here in Germany you’re rather unknown to the masses, would you please introduce you in a few words?
J: Us or.. like each of us or the band?
NR: Do as you please!
J: Well… We’re making traditional rock music like from the 80’s but with a… …21st centurian sound. *grin* 

NR: Sounds good to me. Another key word, Hellcity Fest! How did you actually come up with the idea of your own festival?
H: It was a release party for our EP “Result in Disaster”
J: We didn’t want to have a normal release party for our first EP so we chose to make festival out of it. 

NR: Cool idea. You’re having another Hellcity Fest this year, right?!
H: Yes. But it’s going to be for two days and with lots of other bands and also around Europe.
NR: Oh even better! Which countries i.e.?
J: Germany, Austria, Switzerland.
NR: And also for two days then?
H: Maybe, but definitely with other bands and not only us.
NR: Oh, uhm… actually I expected it to be with other bands as well!
J: Yeah, right then! *grin* 

NR: As for your debut again… “Result in Disaster” was quite a success, which is great seeing the short time HCP actually exist. You’ve been 14th in the Finnish charts – how did it feel like?
H: Download charts…
NR: Sorry?!
H: I think it was in the download charts..?
J: Yeah right. We have been 14th in the Download charts, but what about the charts?
H: Hmm… (some talking in Finnish –couldn’t really understand too much to be honest^^) Maybe 18th or something? *smiling*
J: Yeah, around that I think.

NR: Okay, so you’ve been 14th in the Finnish Download Charts then. Anyway, how did it feel like?
J: (thinking) Good.
H: Yes, good.
J: It made me proud, in a way. Yes, it felt good and made me proud.

NR: Has your life changed since then?
J: Uhm.. we have more pressure now.
NR: So no stalking fans in Helsinki that follow your everyday move?
H: No! Not that I’d know. The Finnish fans are not like that.
NR: Like what? Us Germans? *smile*
H: No, yes. No! But they don’t scream when they see us on the streets.
NR: Yeah, like I said. They’re not like us Germans… but anyway… 

NR: And how about your friends? Do they think you have changed?
J: No, nothing really has changed. We’re still the same! 

NR: Okay, do you have any plans for a new EP or a full length album?
H: Maybe a next single or an album, we don’t know yet.
J: We already made lots of new songs. So yes, maybe an album. We don’t know yet. But a single I think.
H: Or some more singles. *smile* 

NR: Ooookay. Most of the Finnish bands are rather metal or gothic, but you’re different. How would you describe your style? Do you have specific influences?
J: Like said in the beginning, it’s traditional rock. We are influenced from the 80’s… and the 80’s… and… well, the 80’s! *laughs*
H: Yes! *laughs*

NR: So, bands like Mötley Crüe and the like?
H: Yeah! 

NR: As for your current minitour… you’ve just finished your first gig in Austria. How did you like it?
H: It was good actually.
J: Yeah.

NR: Did you expect anything before you came here?
J: No, I didn’t expect anything. But it was really good…


NR: Do you have any expectations for today’s concert here in Hamburg?

J: Not much actually. We’re just happy to play!

NR: Good to hear, really. So when did you come to Hamburg?
H: Earlier today.
NR: Oh! And have you been around the town already and visited some interesting sightseeing spots?
J: No. We have just been to the club here. We had rehearsals and we just finished the soundcheck. There hasn’t been too much time yet for any sightseeing.
NR: Such a shame! When will you leave Hamburg again then?
H: Tomorrow I think.

NR: Okay. Back to your minitour and your fans… How is it different to Finland? Are your Finnish fans more cheering or are they singing along with you?
J: Yes, they do. But they’re not that loud. More relaxed in a way.
NR: So they don’t throw their bras or tangas up to the stage?
J: No! *laughs*
NR: Did your fans in Austria sing along with you then?
H: No, not really.
NR: What a shame... but, you can’t have it all, huh?!

NR: Back to topic again... Many bands started their international career here in Germany. Do you think this minitour could somehow be a start for you internationally?
J: Hmm… our main goal is to become successful, so maybe –yes. I don’t know! Haven’t thought about it yet.

NR: Do you plan any bigger European tour?
H: Yes, next fall…
NR: Oh cool. Any plans yet to what countries you want to play?
J: *thinking*
NR: Germany maybe? Or Austria?
H: Yes! *smiles*
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands maybe. We haven’t really decided yet. It’s still not completely planned yet.

NR: Okay, another topic. This whole “new media thing” like myspace, facebook and the like. You have, besides your actually website, also a myspace and a facebook site. Right?!
H: Yes.
NR: What do you think how important are those sites nowadays for bands?
J: They are a good way to promote the band and the music, but many bands have both. A myspace and a website.
H: Yeah, I think both are important.

NR: Website and myspace or what do you mean?
H: Yes. On myspace it’s easier to promote your music. So I think both are important for new bands to get more popular. But an actual website is also very important.
J: Yes, it represents a band more than a myspace site.

NR: Sure, it’s more personal in a way, isn’t it?!
H: Exactly, yes.
NR: And how important is it to you, as a newcomer band?
H: I think for us our normal page is more important. 

NR: Okay, time’s running fast. Last one, then you’re free again! Do you have any last words for your fans?
J: *thinking*
H: *smiles*

NR: Oha! Uhm… Maybe anything nice for our readers and fans or soon-to-be fans?
J: Maybe… yeah! They should always remember that we do this for them!

NR: Good. Should be enough then! Have great show tonite and enjoy your stay here in Germany!
J: Thanks! Enjoy the show later!
H: See you later then!