Interview by Ani Wikked/Anni Hyvärinen
Over Body Free
, Hamburg (Headcrash) 8. April 2009
for © Northern Rockmusic

It’s far after midnight, in some hostel room anywhere on St. Pauli. We sit together with Henbag, Kai and Benny from Over Body Free to get to know this new and uprising band a little more!

NR: You’re a new band from Germany, please introduce yourself a little!

H: We’re a new band, formed in October 2008 with the current line-up. The idea of Over Body Free already exists for about 5-6 years though.

NR: What about the members?

H: I’m Henbag, the vox and then there are also Kai at the guitar, Benny on drums, Paik playing the bass and Rathi also on guitars! Besides, Rathi is also my brother. But he’s not here today!

NR: Such a shame! But well… how did you guys get together?

H: We’re all from the same shitty ‘n small part in East Germany (Wolfen, Saxony-Anhalt –author’s note) and have known each for a long time. We all played in different bands before but…

K: …I always had “the dream” of doing something together with Henbag! So the idea of “Over Body Free” was born.

B: Yeah, like that.

NR: You’re currently touring with Hellcity Punks from Finland. You’re the opening act for them. How did you guys get together?

H: My girlfriend, Bianca is an event manager and the Hellcity Punks were searching for an opening act.

NR: Is it your first bigger tour?

H: The first tour ever actually. We started our live reputation in Wolfen, at the Roxy e.V. Youth Centre.

NR: Do have any other future tour plans yet?

H: The Punks invited us to play the Hellcity Fest this year in September in Helsinki…

NR: They’re planning a European Hellcity Fest, also in Germany. Will you also play there?

H: We don’t know yet.

B: Maybe. If we’re gonna be asked, we would.

NR: Well. Hellcity Punks describe their style as traditional rock. How would you describe your style?

H: It’s our style. Rather metal…

K: …it’s pretty individual and doomish.

NR: Do you have any specific influences?

H: We all listen to different types of music. It’s not clear to say… Influences would be maybe Zack Wilde, Pantera or Ozzy Osbourne. In general like heavy metal und deathcore.

K: And also Jimi Hendrix… we’re a mixture of many different types of music.

B: Yes, everyone of us brings something in and so we form the individual sound of Over Body Free.

NR: Sounds interesting. Do the members of Over Body Free also play in other bands, besides OBF?

H: I’ve got two other bands. One band with the drummer of Down Below (Mr. Mahony, Down Below is a alt. band from Dessau, Saxony-Anhalt –author’s note) named Black Tooth Scares and my other band, Doomsday Prophecy.

NR: What are you working besides playing in the band to finance your daily life?

H: Me and my brother, Rathi, are physiotherapists, Kai works in chemistry, Paik studies physics and chemistry as lectureship and Benny…

B: …does nothing. (laugh)

NR: Okay, fair enough. What about your free time and concerts you visited?

K: We go to many concerts.

NR: In example?

K: Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne…

B: …or Slipknot!

H: No one likes Slipknot…

B: …but I do! (grin)

NR: Anyway. Back to business… how about your band’s future plans? Where shall it lead you to?

K: Out of Saxony!

H: Yeah! We want to release our own record, a full length album and play as many professional gigs all around Germany as possible.

K: I’ve always dreamt about doing something with Henbag and now with Over Body Free I’m dreaming of finally one day holding my very own full length record in my hands.

H: Yes, that’s probably the dream from all of us.

NR: Okay, understandable dream. How far are you with realising this dream?

H: We’re going to the studio and record a mini disc at Whitsun, so we can send them to record labels and the like. It’s gonna be like a demo CD.

Suddenly Henbag leaves the interview to go outside on the balcony to have a cigarette. We’re left alone in the room with Kai and Benny who, at that point, seemed to be a little swamped. But luckily they’re not completely left alone –Tony, a friend of the band, joins us and gives a little more info.

NR: Alright. Let’s go on then! Who are you?

T: Difficult to say. I’m a friend of the band. I’m making a little documentation about the band’s first mini tour. And if I happen to have enough documentary material about the Punks I might even do a little documentary about them. We don’t know yet.

NR: So, you’re filming Over Body Free “on the road”, so to say?

T: Yes.

NR: That’s rather interesting! Good luck with it then!

T: Thanks… we’ll see how it goes.

NR: Uhm… one of my standard questions! What do you think of myspace and all those new media things like facebook?

T: Myspace is a good site!

NR: And the only band page Over Body Free actually has, right?!

T: Yes.

NR: Do you think myspace and the like are more important than an actual website nowadays?

T: I think so, yes. It’s open to the public, you can upload your music and photos. And it’s less time intensive. Do you have a myspace?

NR: Uhm, yes.

T: See, how easy is it to design it and stay in contact with people. It’s way much easier than a normal website and much less expensive too!

NR: Hah, fair enough. Yes. And who is in charge of the myspace site?

T: Henbag’s handling the myspace site.

NR: So you’re not planning any “normal” website for Over Body Free?

T: No, nothing like that is planned. We have a myspace and the guys are also on Studi (the German version of facebook –author’s note)… that’s it about it!

NR: So well then. Time’s not on our side. It’s pretty late already, I think this should do! Thanks a lot for your time!

T: Thanks to you!

K: Thanks.

THANKS A LOT to the guys from Over Body Free for being patient with me in the middle of the night and answering the questions!! See you around soon! :)