Fans had come from all over Europe (ex. Romania, France, Luxembourg) to assist this SOLD OUT show by the finnish masters of cello.
The first people showed up between 9 and 11 a.m. , which has become a normal ritual before Apocalyptica gigs. On this warm and sunny day the queue kept on growing constantly till the opening of the doors around 8 p.m.
As there was no support act we didn’t have to wait too long till 4 cellists and a drummer conquered the stage.  After the usual intro  „Won’t get fooled again“ by The Who, the most agreable version of the Apocalypse broke down over Hamburg.

They rocked the stage with old classics (Refuse/Resist, Hall Of The Mountain King, Creeping Death) ,that got much appreciated by the audience, but also with songs of their last album „World’s Collide“ (Ion, Grace, World’s Collide). But beside headbanging and making the walls vibrate they still know how to make our hearts melt with masterpieces like „Helden“ and „Seemann“.
Thow all of them made their best on stage it shone through that it was not only too hot for men but also for cellos. Anyway this band, once again, anathematized the audience and made us scream for more!
After more than one hour the amazing performance ended. Band and audience left with sweat on their forehead and a smile on their face.
Definitely an evening to remember! I’ll finish my report with a citation of Perttu Kivilaakso „Apocalyptica till death!“
Well maybe I won’t go that far but I’m wondering what future will bring for this unique band and their fans. One thing is sure, there still lies a lot of potential in this band! Let’s hope they’ll share it with us!

Pictures: (c) by Tanja Reiser
written by Tanja Reiser

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