Black Jezus, 15.07.2008 Tampere
(c) by FAS,

Sitting on a parking place sourrounded by beer we try to get some answers about a band you probably have never heard of! But have a look, maybe you will learn something while reading these lines called interview :) or you just have fun! I had to cut the interview very much because some discussions were doubled and some just leisured!

FAS: Tell me about Black Je(z/s)us...

Macceus: (screams his lungs out, after we told him to speak a bit louder!) Black Jezus is Rock'n'Roll and I live a reckless live...


FAS: Why did you chose this name?

Macceus: sorry??

Kris: Why we chose this name... ^^

Macceus: I don't know... well it's a long story...

FAS: We have time...

Macceus: You know Kristian and I were drinking in the same pub, we were the only customers there and it was about a year ago!

Kris: Yeah yeah, right... first we met on a jam session!

Macceus: We were quite drunk and... well we were joking about forming a band and said lets call it Black Jezus and we were talking and joking and then we decided to take the name Black Jezus! It was just a joke...
By the way, our drummer left the band ...  we chose a new one, yeah all the young boys, they can't deal with it! Taking pills and stuff like that!

FAS: Was ist your plan first to play just cover songs?

Macceus: Well we have our own stuff now, we got a mansion that we use as our rehearsal place! We are doing our own songs in the studio at the moment! Tomorrow we are going to mix it. We have made about 15 songs and now that we have our rehearsal place we move all our stuff there  to the mansion and work there. We did two songs now in the studio and you can listen to them probably on myspace this weekend. (Still waiting...)

Kris: There's still a lot of work...

Macceus: Yeah well I have to do a lot but you will be surprised how it will sound!

FAS: Describe it, how does it sound?

Macceus: You maybe have a clue, if you have seen a gig of us...

FAS: I just saw two short videos of bad quality, so I don't really have an impression of it!

Macceus: Yeah yeah they are bad quality, I have seen them all, I always told the girls not to fucking film these fucking 20 seconds videos cause no one wants to see that! It is fucking boring!
Well it sounds like fucking Rock'n'Roll, fucking great guitars!! Great bass, Matthau plays the bass-guitar!! The guitars are great because he plays it (points at Sir Christus). He is the best guitar player I have ever met!

FAS: But how serious is the Black Jezus thing for you??

Kris: Rock'n'Roll is never too serious! We have a million plans but we don't need to hurry ...

Macceus: It is hard for the guys to play in a band with me and Kristian. They get crazy in their heads and so we have to change the line up all the time. The band is he and me (claps on Kris' shoulder) so we kick everyone out who doesn't care about us! WE kick them out, that's it! And we don't have problems to find new ones, there are so many Rock'n'Roll people here in Tampere that really likes to come to our band. Whole Tampere is full of musicians that would like to play with Black Jezus, so we don't have a problem! The other players have kind of problems with their heads when they got kicked out! If you understand what I mean!

FAS: Whatever!

Macceus: I just hate these youngsters that think they are the best drummers in the world, we would never think that we are the best in the world!

Kris: Have you ever heard me saying I am the best guitarist in the world? (Looks at M.) If I ever say that, please kill me!

Macceus (to us): And if I ever say I am the best Rock'n'Roll singer in the world, please kill me too!!

Kris: I hate that...

FAS: Well, Macceus, what is your musical background?

Macceus: I was in some other bands before, starting when I was really young, then I did highschool and then came only Rock'n'Roll and I did nothing else!

FAS: So you cannot imagine to do any other job?

Macceus: Never! After school they put me into some trainee job, I was there for three days and then I was kicked. Then I decided I don't want do do anything else than Rock'n'Roll!

Kris: You need to learn how to work like that, to hande it!

Macceus: You need to learn how to make money, in Finland you get the money everywhere you want! We don't want to work like from 9 to 5 every day.

Kris: Two weeks ago I tried to ride a horse... (No, don't ask me what that has to do with my question O.o)

Macceus: His whole ass is black now because he was riding this horse *laughs*

FAS: A real one??? You told me you are afraid of big animals!!

Kris: Not anymore... yes, it was a real one!!

(Then starts again the "you burned Lapland" conversation and Macceus and Sir Christus impressed us with a lot of historical knowledge while the police-signal gives us a dramatical background. We now know the truth, well the Finns did it themselves but if you want it we go and burn Lapland again and everyone will be satisfied!)

FAS: Well another question: If you have just one week to live... what would you do?

Macceus: Germans always ask difficult questions...  I would probably do a few songs, drinking and maybe have some sex!

Kris:  This is a big MAYBE... just maybe...

Macceus: Yeah maybe, I am probably wanking!! I am a wanker!!

Kris: If I would tell you, you would not like me anymore!!! Well, I would just live my life! Maybe everyday could be the last day... (ow- what a cliché)

Macceus: You never know when you will die...

Kris: We are living like every day is the last one, we did that a lot of times and in a lot of different ways (he starts giggeling like crazy).... before! Like last night!

Macceus: Just like last night, yeah!! We had a hellish drive, with our Roadies in a car. I even can't remember been in the car! He remembers!

Kris: Oh yeeeahhh I remeber!!

FAS: Ok but well you are alive as we can see!

Macceus: We are, I am glad to be alive. We were drinking a lot!

FAS: You are always drinking a lot!!

Macceus: Not always! We smoke weed but we don't take that hard stuff. (Well they were both talking at the same time so the rest is impossible to understand!) I am still stoned I guess, naturally!!

FAS: Tell us some bad stories from gigs, or funny stuff!

Macceus: Well, at the last gig the funniest thing was that the drummer, after every song, stepped out of his drum-kit and went to the mic and was telling bad about me!! I had to tell him that he has to go back and play his drums...! Well then he decided to leave the band. But we got a new one already! He is a rasta- headed guy, a really nice guy! We were jamming together and I think this is a fucking great drummer for BJ. Eero cracked up for about two weeks, he's got some kind of problems in his own head, nothing to do with the band!

Kris: I think he uses a lot of pills...

Macceus:Yea well a pill- popping youngster. He doesn't remember anything... He also left his other band Heijaste, I think he had some nervous break- down and now he left Heijaste and BJ. He's probably got no band anymore!

FAS: What about gigs in the near future?

Macceus: We will play some gigs but we don't make deals before the music is up to myspace... we first have to decorate our mansion and then we start to work. We have about 20 songs... (hits Sir Christus' shoulder)

Kris: 40 songs...

Macceus: Ok, he says 40 songs... he writes his own songs...

Kris: When I was in Matthau's band  we started to figure out what we wanna do and then I had 20 songs. They were not published. ( Sorry, what?) So now we have too many songs. We have no hurry with that, you have to be patient and wait! Nothings gonna work if you are in a rush! Well and I have had some relation problems, I just broke up with my girlfriend ...

Macceus: Yeah but you got a new one....!!

Kris: Oh yeah right! I have a new one but...

Macceus: I have no one!  But she is a really nice girl... yes she is!

(Sir Christus went into the bushes and came back with some stinging nettles and starts to eat them, hell!)

Macceus: These vegetables are fucking great with all the minerals in it, we eat them all the fucking time!! In Finland it is no problem to live from the nature if you know how, and of course you need beer!! ( ...a discussion about how much beer they drank last night starts...)

FAS: Are you planning to come to Germany one day???

Macceus: Of course we wanna do that, so many people came to us and asked us for that. It would be fucking great, I don't wanna play in Finland anymore *laughs*

Kris: I have to make some arrangements...

Macceus: Yeah no deals before we have the music on myspace... ( I guess Sir Christus wanted to say something else, but well who cares...)

FAS: Ok thanks guys and good luck!

Thanks to:
Steffi for filming and Caro for the great photographs!
Tulliklubi for being closed at Interview time *fuggit*
BJ for their time and the fucking interesting view into some Rock'n'Roll minds!

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