Interview with Blindside singer Christian 12.05.2007 Berlin / Silverwings

© by Frances Amelie Sin  (FAS)

FAS: I think the people that visit my website will not know you so well, so maybe you can introduce them to the band!

Ch: Well, we are four individuals, we are very good friends back in 1994, we started the band in 1994, and we just started  exploring music, and we turned more and more into a rock band so this is what we’re doing.

FAS:  How do you came together with Deep Insight for a tour, I think it’s kinda diffrent genre?

Ch: Well to be honest I haven’t really heard of them so it’s gonna be exiting to be here with them tonight, so I don’t really know who put us together, it’s a package.

FAS: Well you are working on a new Album, I know you played the first new song on Tour with AFI the last weeks, so how far is the recording gone and when will the new Album be released?

Ch: Well it’s gonna be an EP, it’s gonna be 5 new songs and then 3 live tracks and it’s called “The Black Rose“ EP, so it’s not a full lenght album but we just wanna put something out there in the meantime, but it will not become something we just throw together, we really spend a lot of time into this EP so it’s not something we put together really fast, you know? We are really proud of it, we love this EP

FAS: You were playing some shows in Germany this year, so how is the feedback?

Ch: Well it’s good, it’s really good, the AFI crowd treated us really nice, it has been a really good experience.

FAS: Next month you will go on Tour with Linking Park and 30 seconds to Mars and you will play in such big stadions like the Color Line Arena in Hamburg. You play here for a very small audience and then there is this huge audience in a Stadion. What do you feel thinking about it??

Ch:  Yeah it’s a totally different thing, we have done bigger shows in the states, and some smaller shows, it depends, I kinda prefer what we’ve done with AFI, it is big but it’s not Superbig, you know?!  You can loose a little bit of this intimacy if you have too big shows, ...

FAS: What about these Club Shows??

Ch: Ow I love them, you are much closer to the Fans!

FAS: Well  what about your relationship to Linkin Park, it is not the first Tour with them,  are you friends??

Ch: Yes they asked us, we didn’t know them before, a few years back in the states,  they asked us if we wanna go on Tour with them, and they were doing what they called „a small Club Tour“ first, wich was 3000 to 4000 every night, so we opened up for them on that tour, supported them , and then they asked us for another month to go on a tour with about 15 000 people each night.

FAS: Have you ever played in big Stadions before??

Ch: No, we never did, I think the biggest was 15 000 people.

FAS: Ok have you ever thought of working together with another musician, an Idol?? Who would be your favourite?

Ch: (long silence) no, I don’t think so, no.......the thing is I’m in my favourite band!! It’s not like I think we are the best band in the world, it’s just I love being with these guys, they are my best friend and I love to watch the other guys playing, I think I would not chose to be in an other band, just because there is a special chemistry, a spiritual thing when we are all together in a room, because we are friends as well , over all these years... and I don’t think I can find that with anyone else.

FAS: What was your inspiration to start with the music?

Ch:  We were just friend and we wanted to start a rockband but we didn’t know how to play music, so we just kinda learn. This is my first band, I’ve never been in another band before, the guitar player and the drummer, they had a band before, a Metallica cover band, and I came in and tried it out and they were like: well we will call you don’t call us! So they didn’t but later on they joined Blindside.

FAS: Imagine you would be a song, wich song are ya??

Ch: well first of all, all our songs ARE me, in a way, I write the lyrics, but well .... ow I think thats a good question...... just for now I think it would be „ My Alibi“

FAS: What would you have become without the music??

Ch: Ah ok, well I don’t know, I don’t have a B-Plan

FAS: But what was your childhood dream to become??

Ch: yeah I never had any.....(O.o) it’s weired, no actually when I was a kid, ow I was a really weired Kid, but they asked me when I was about 10 years old: „what will you be when you‘re grown up?“  And I was like: „ I wanna be a tree“ (O.o!!)  And they said: „you wanna be a tree???????“  „ yeah it’s so calm“... „ you can’t be a tree!!“  
Yeah I don’t really had a dream, I know some of my class mates wanted to become Police Officers so I said  I want to become a police Officer too, but I never meant it, I didn’t care..! But I’m sure if the band would end I would find something else to do, I would probably work with peope, I like to meet people, ... and it would be also something around the music.

FAS: Your last words to the people

Ch: Well take care and buy our new EP , Thank you

Thanks to:
Tiene for helping with the cam
Emmanuel for the fast communication
Christian for being a nice interview partner
Kathrin for helping to get in contact with the band
Blindside for a great show that evenig

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