Interview with Deep Insight in Berlin / Silverwings 12.05.2007

© by Frances Amelie Sin (FAS)

(All the guys sitting in the room filming themselves with my cam!!! )

FAS: After touring Germany last year in April there happened a lot of things, Miska was replaced by Jore and you recorded a new album, tell me about the last year.

Ville: Basically , of playing shows it was a little bit more quiet, but we did a lot of other stuff. We wrote songs, we recorded the new album so we took a lot of time by that, after the realease we had christmas holiday and now we..

Johannes: ....and we had a small finnish Tour!!

Ville: Yeah right we had a small finnish tour, and this spring we’re doing shows now, I don‘t know it’s been shows and recording....

Jukka: Our biggest thing was that we changed our record label, so last year we pretty much started working with the record label and then we started to make promotion for the album...

Ville: The last year we actually changed the manager as well.

FAS: So everything is new!!??

Ville: Yeah , we swiched anything last year, everything bad changed...

Johannes: We changed everything BAD last year!!!!!!!!!!! (looks like my teacher in school  *scary*)

FAS: Why do you changed the management??

Johannes: Well the manager was bad!

Ville: Well our manager stole our money and stepped us in the back meanwhile.

Jukka: Not everything was bad!!

FAS: Ok,and how did Jore come to the band, did you (Jore) know them before??

Jore: Not really, they just called me and...

Ville: yeah...

Johannes: I kinda misunderstood, cause for the first time like three years ago, I asked him to be our driver on the tour. Yeah  and six month ago or one year ago, when I called Jore I thought I had asked him earlier to join us to play base, but he was the driver I think, and then I called him : Could you be our base player now ? And he was so confused like first the driver and then the base player...but it was nice, and here we are!!

Ville: We were kinda fans of Jore , we’ve seen him alala.. alive (laughs) and live ... and we had the same groove you know..?

FAS: But how was the reaction of the Fans... I know Miska had a lot of fans...

Jukka: First it was hard, people wanted to kill him (points at Jore)

Ville: It was really bad...

(Ok I give it up, I tried all my best to get some words out of Jore but Ville likes to talk and Jore just smiles around, so listen to Ville ;p.. )

Ville: It wasn’t a big thing, everybody knows why Miska left, it‘s not a drama...

Johannes: Sometimes Bandmembers changes (Quotation of the day!!)

FAS: The record is not released in germany yet, when can we await it?? Will it be released here??

Jukka: I don’t know!! (O.o) That is a complex thing,  we want a good label for it and not a too small label for the next four albums, you know (a lot of noise in the background, someone opened the door  and the Soundcheck is too loud to understand anything, by the way, Ville and Jukka are talking both at the same time, so it’s completely impossible to understand it on the Tape, Sorry)

FAS: What do you expect for this tour, you have three shows together with Blindside...

Johannes: Actually that is to me honestly a dream come true, cause I love the band and...

FAS:’s a totally different style ...

Johannes: Yeah

Jukka: No, no

FAS: I think so!!

Jukka: Really?? Have you heard them??

FAS: Yes....!!!

Ville: Ah that‘s because of this hardcore, but we all listen to hardcore... like Blindside , I listen to them since I was a teenager, and it is amazing to be on tour with them..

FAS: Do you know the third band?? Bitune??

All: No

Johannes: But it sound good......

FAS: Yip, well do you have a special ritual before you go on stage??

Johannes: Well, we have a short moment together...

Ville: We are backstage and have a time for concentration and have a peace moment together...  alone

Johannes: Usually we just pray that everything works well on the show, that nothing gets broken or anything...

Ville: When we have something, if there are troubles or something in the band so we try to go  through that , so that nothing of it goes on stage, thats what we try! When you go on stage you have to be in a good mood , it has to be fun that’s what it is all about.

FAS: What was the strangest thing on tour that ever happened to you??

Jukka: We had a show in Slovenia, close to the russian border, and we played in a real garage, *laughs* we didn’t know since we went there, we thought it is a club called garage, and during the show the mic- wire fell down, it was really short and the manager, how he was called there, the agent to organize the show, held this microphone together and he was standing the whole show one meter away from me. That was strange!!

Ville: One time we came to a show and we let the bus on the street and when we came back we saw that someone broke in to the bus, and we thought like : Ohhwww shit .... all of our stuff was in the bus and it was still there and we were like: what did they take??  What did they take, oh shit what did they take??  At least they didn’t take anything, in the end we noticed that they stole two bottles of vine..

Johannes: noooooooooo It wasn’t them, it was our busdriver!! *squieks*

Ville: He drank the other ones!!!!! (all are giggeling) Really?? I thought that it was the guys that were broken in...

Jukka: After the show we found them, the busdriver drank them!!

FAS: Well, does anyone of you have other projekts besides Deep Insight?

(silence- Jukka shakes his head slowly...)

Ville: Yeah, we have another band called Rebel Head (Ville & Jore)

FAS: What kind of music is it??

Ville: Hardcore Metal

(the guys film Jore who wears a T-shirt of Rebel Head, by the way, Jore said something short that I do not understand anymore, but yes he spoke!! ;))

FAS: What are your plans for this year??

Ville: We would like to make a new album!! We right now are writing new songs...

Jukka: In summertime we will play some Festival- shows in Finland

(Johannes says some sentence but anyone is playing with the camera so you just hear ttttsssssschhhh tssschhhh zzzzzzzzzzzzzz *g*)

Ville: (speaks too loud , ow!) It’s a risky buisness, you’ll never know... (quotation of tomorrow *lol*)

FAS: That‘s right so anyone of you wants to say a last word??

Ville: (...turns the cam, looks quite serious in it and says) These are my last words! – off –

Thanks Guys

Deep Insight are:
Jukka- vocals
Johannes- guitars
Ville: Drums
Jore: Baseguitar

Pictures of the gig are here: -click-  

Thanks to Tiene for helping with the cam
Silke for making it possible
Deep Insight for all the fun and the great show