Interview with Dope Stars Inc. in Hamburg 23.05.2007 @ Logo

by Frances Amelie Sin ™

We enter the bus for the interview, well for my taste too many people for a structured interview but we will see. We (Conny and I) sit in a circle with Victor, La Nuit, Alex, Noras and the two girls, but noone introduced Noras to us, so we are a little confused about him.

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01) I am sure you expected this question, but how will the leaving of Grace influence you on stage, I mean who does his job now at the live shows?? How does it work??

Victor: ( after a long discussion that grace is not the main thing of this question!) We practiced the new songs together with Noras (points at his neighbor) and feel pretty comfortable with it!!

02) La Nuit: Did anything changed for you now that you are an official bandmember? Or is it just the same like playing with them before.

La Nuit: Yeah well I am a complete motherfucker now (laughs). Nooo nothing changed!
Alex to La Nuit: You are rich!!
La Nuit: No I am not!

03) Your album Giga Hearts is in stores for a while now, are you happy with the success of it, how is the feedback??

Victor: The Feedback is very good, there is still a lot of work to do, you know we now have this tour and then playing a lot of Festivals, but we wanna do more live shows in the UK and the Netherlands or in Spain and Russia and maybe we wanna work out some Shows in Finland.

04) How do you see the developement of your sound?? In wich direction will you go on, are there things you wanna change or make better?

Victor: I don’t know cause I think before the release of the third, the next album we will take a longer time, because we wanna do something very important, something like a double album or stuff like that. I think there would be a lot of New- wave influences. What we now do is to experience the new album live, to feel the songs, to live them and get more influences that we can use for the next album.

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05) How important are your lyrics for your music??

Victor: It‘s very important, important for the concept behind the music, it should bring you near to the music and implice you a complete picture of the main thing, the concept of the Band as a whole thing and the lifestyle, not as a song for it’s own.

06) You are what is called a “live band“, can you imagine to produce a live DVD?? 

Victor: Yeah but I think for a good DVD you need to have very good stuff to do it, good recordings, but if we are able to figure out some DVD’s from various Live shows we wanna do it in the next year, that would be great!

07) Some of you play in other bands, is Dope Stars Inc. your number one or don’t you have a ranking of wich band is the most important for you?

Alex: It’s much the same I think!!
(La Nuit, Victor & Alex talking all at the same time, something about the best thing is Rock ’n‘ Roll... sorry, hard to understand on the tape!)
Victor: We do all these band things cause it’s part of our career, part of our life, so music is our life it’s just like experiencing different things, music in the same time but it’s not more or less important.

08) What comes next, I mean your plans after this Tour??

La Nuit: Relax!!
Victor: We plan to do maybe an EP!! Around next winter but it depends mostly on the record label and their release dates. But we are working on it!!
Alex: I also start some new band! (laughter)

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09) Describe a normal day on Tour...

Alex: I usually sleep a lot!! (everyone laughs)
Victor: You wake up, then you work together with the sound engineer, or with the owner of the club, figure out the technical stuff and then you finish the soundcheck about six o’clock ...
Alex: And then we eat sandwiches with cheese and meat! (all guys laughing)
Victor: Yeah in Germany the food is a terrible thing, the catering is very... (looks digusted) You now we are from Italy ;) We don’t understand the meaning of bread with cheese only...
Alex: We thought to find some hamburgers in Hamburg O.o

10) Is there any thing you have on tour with you that should never be missed!!

(all the guys began to talk very fast in italian.. sorry can’t translate that!!)
Victor: Ah I loose everything on Tour... (La Nuit explains to him in italian that this was not the question) ahhhhhhhhhhh!! Make up!!
Alex: Contact Lenses!!
Victor: Wet toilet paper!! Very important if you travel from Italy to foreign countrys.. you never use it, I can’t understand that. It‘s the most important thing on toilets!! ( giggeling all around)

11) You have the last words now...

Alex: Don’t download the album cause we are going to become kinda poor!! Really!! I need to buy a new guitar!! Buy the tickets!!
Victor: Siriously! Add and support us at myspace !

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(c) Frances Amelie Sin™

pictures of the show: here

Thanks to:
The Dope Stars Inc. for this interview
Conny for helping with the cam