Flinch: Interview with the band in Berlin  28.04.2008

For Ville does not speak english, Oskari translated for him. The answers marked as V/O are Villes answers translated and completed by Oskari! For me it is not always possible to see, what was the translation and what are Oskis words!!

NR:  Hi, first please introduce our readers to the band: what is Flinch all about?

Ville/ Oskari: Flinch is about finnish traditional Rockmusic, and it's about funny guys having fun!

NR: Your new album Irrallaan is out now, tell me about it, what does it mean to you?

V/O: It means a lot to us, cause it's like a new start for the whole band and it is a great album! Ville describes the album as touching!!

NR: Tell us about the songwriting process.

V/O: First there is the song and then Ville writes the lyrics for the songs later. Most of the  songs are written and composed by Ville. But there's also a song called Huutaen that is composed by Jaakko and one song is from Jonne Aaron (Negative), it's called 1986. But most of it is Villes handwriting!

NR: What are the lyrics all about?

V/O: The lyrics tells about sadness, they are quite sad. You know, from real life, but they give hope to the people that feels sad!!

NR: Do you think singing finnish is a problem for being succsessful out of Finland?

V/O: It's quite a hard question cause we don't used to play in foreign countrys, with this band it is our first gig outside of  Finland. We haven't thought going to countrys all over the world! Finland is the main region for us and I don't think it's a problem for us singing finish in other countrys from time to time. A few gigs in a year!

NR:  But Ville did songs in english before...

Oskari: No he did not....!!!

Ville (translated by Oskari): It was a three song demo but I was about 15 years old and it was without any record lable. Very old songs!

NR: But you would like to tour in Europe?

V/O:  Of course we would like!

NR: So how do you feel now, right before the first gig in Germany?

V/O:  We are very excited now about the Fans and how they are.

NR: You will see, they are different from finnish fans!
How do you prepare yourself before you go on stage!

V/O:  We don't have a special ritual before we go on stage, just concentrating for ourselves.

NR: How does the sound of Flinch changed after the change in the Line Up?

V/O: The difference between the old Flinch and the new is like the difference between the sun and the moon it's like night and day.

NR: Just the feeling but also the music??

V/O:  Both, also the music !! The new album is more rockmusic than Kuvastin was.

NR: So what are your plans for the near future now??

V/O:  Having lot's of fun, playing gigs, and later on doing new songs.

NR: Do you plan to play at some Summer-Festivals?

V/O: No not exactly, we have three Festivals planned but not fixed yet. We will play in Bratislava on a Festival.

NR: What are your preferred activities far from the music?

Oskari: The music is not all, but it is always there, we work in different places and we have different hobbies but most of our lifes is about music.

??: All of our friends are musicians, so music is never far from us!

NR: What leads you to the music?

Oskari: Well I don't know, in my life music was always there, fro my birth on, I can't say how it happened.

Jaakko: It came from childhood I think, it happened!

NR: Who are your idols? For yourself and the band?

V/O: I think we all have different idols. There's not one idol for the whole band, but there are a lot of great bands and musicians that we all like.

NR: But wshat inspires you then?

V/O: There's a finnish band called Popeda, and other bands from Finland.

Haiwe: For me it's Hanoi rocks!

Oskari: I like Toto and the first band drummer of Toto is my big idol! He's the one and only.

Jaakko: I like 60th and 70th rockbands.

??: I listen to stuff like Depeche Mode and I love Judas Priest, you know this kind of music.

NR: Do you plan to be a musician as an occupation or can you imagine to work in other jobs for the rest of your life?

Oskari: I work for 10 years now, but of course I plan to be a musician as occupation. But if I could chose another job it would be Formula 1 driver!!

Haiwe: I don't wanna do nothing else than music!

NR: Hope we will see you more often in germany , thanks for your time.

Band: Thank you!!


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Thanks to Gaby for filming. Servus!!