Interview with For Selena And Sin 22.09.2008
(c) by Frances Amelie Sin

1) What is FSAS all about, what does it mean to you??
When we formed the band, it was basically just a project where we wanted to try some new things that we hadn't done before. However the band is nowadays much more important than just some musical project. You can say that it has become almost like a brother. We have this love-hate relationship with it. Many times the band feels like a pain in the ass, it takes all your money, it takes all your freetime, but still there is something what makes it so perfect and lovable.

2) Are there any news about the upcoming album?? How far are you gone with the work on it??
Well, actually we are going in the studio really soon. At the beginning of october we are going to sweden in Studio Underground. We have quite a lot new songs, so we have to drop off some of them, but we'll have to see which songs doesn't fit in the wholeness after all songs are finished. The new album will be different than our debut album. Songs are more dynamic and energetic. However style remains the same, so you are not getting satanic black metal album from us, haha.

3) What is the band doing right now?
I think previous answer explains this one too. A lot of training, composing and writing the lyrics for last songs.

4) Are you planning to do more live-gigs in future??
Absolutely! At the moment we have empty gig calendar, but after the album is finished, we are definately going back to stage. We love to play live and new album will have songs that will fit our set list really well. So hold your breath, our renewed live will be blast.

5) What about to conquer the rest of Europe ;)??
We are really looking forward to it. Of course we are interested in playing live in europe (and also in other continents), but we don't have any international booking manager. We hope that this will change in next year and if this will happen, then our crusade will begin.

6) Tell me about the songwiriting process, who ist doing what and when??
On this new album we all have been participating on composing at least in some level (e.g. commenting how shitty some riffs are ;) Lyrics writing process has also changed since Mika Minkkinen, who wrote most of our lyrics for the first album, is not part of our band anymore. This time lyrics are written mostly by Annika and Pasi, but there are also one lyrics written by an outsider person. Themes of the songs are also diffent this time, but this will turn out more clearly after album is released.

7) Who are your idols (for the band), who inspires you and why???
I think that we have gotten some influences from the bands like Katatonia, The Gathering, Tiamat and many other bands that touches our emotions. Still we are aiming to sound nobody else but ourselves.

8) What was the best band-day you ever had and the worst??
I think best day has been the last day on our Ireland mini tour. We we're sitting on Duplin airfield, drinking booze and were all deplorable. It was really fun tour and feeling was very good on that final day although it was also sad because we had to say goodbye to our irish brothers. Worst day is hard to say because I really don't recall any extremely bad memories.

9) Do you get a lot of feedback from Germany??
Lately there haven't been so much feedback, but it's understandable because so much time has passed since releasing our debut album. However earlier we got a lot of positive feedback from Germany. German reviews tells that you guys really like our music.

10) What are your wishes for future for the band??
I really hope that our second album will get better marketing than our first one. I also wish that we get good gigs and a LOT of audience!

11) What is the bands name all about???
Our previous singer Sini came up with this name idea. The name is based on a myth with Selene and Sin. Selene is the goddess of the moon and Sin is god of moon.