by Tanja Reiser
(c) www.northern-rockmusic.com

It was quite a long queue that awaited us at the entrance of the Kufa in Esch/Alzette on this rainy evening. One saw a lot of glitter and heard that people had some expectations and eventuel set lists were discussed.
For some years already Iamx, the outstanding project of Chris Corner, have Luxembourg as fix point on their tour schedule and we are more than happy about it! It´s a very coridal relation between band and audience that makes them coming back and us waiting in the rain!

“Nemo”(UK) was this eve´s support. Fairytale meets Electro might describe the tunes of James Cook and his lovely violin player. They had to fight hard with technical problems but as they had won the audience´s heart they were supported by a big bunch of applause.

Switching over to the main act you should first be informed that Tom Marsh and Dean Rosenzweig were replaced by Alberto Alvarez (guitars/vocals/bass) and Jon Harper (drums) by the beginning of this year.
The decoration on stage, offering a touch of Venice, a lot of gold and the usual “duck tape enhanced glamour” was a perfect entourage for the performance of Chris and his mates. We received the band with an enthusiastic outcry and the party was on. Dancing, clapping hands and singing along until one is close to exhaution - one could say that the audience was definitely having fun!Chris´outfit change gave an additional touch of style to the show. For several songs the support act also joined Iamx to give a special note to one or the other song and once more they were very welcomed by the audience. From powerful to fragile, from inapproachable to right into our hearts, Iamx captivates you and doesn´t let you go until the last note has faded! Even thow the set list should let no wish open one heard screams for “Missile” and “Simple Girl” and I personally would have been even happier to hear “Your Joy Is My Low”. Anyway the show was great and I´m convinced that nobody left the venue disappointed by what he/she witnessed. After attending several Iamx gigs I must say that this band, especially it´s charismatic leader still fascinates me and leaves me speechless.

So let´s get a golden megaphone and join our most precious harlequin by screaming it out: “If you´re not with us you´re against”
The set list:

The Great Shipwreck Of Life
Nature Of Inviting
The Alternative
My Secret Friend
Tear Garden
Spit It Out   
You Can Be Happy
Think Of England

Kiss And Swallow

The Negative Sex
Kingdom Of  Welcome Addiction