Interview with Lovex at Munich 16.10.2008 by Lithium Kitten
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LK: How is it to be back in Germany?

Theon: It's always fun to tour here. I think the German audience is absolutely amazing and we've all had so much fun touring and partying here.

LK: Okay. So it's not your first time here in Germany, right?
Theon: Yeah.
LK: Could you tell me the best thing about Germany?
Theon: The best gig?
LK: Yes and the best thing in general.
Theon: Well, there've been so many great gigs and it's hard to choose one...but we've also spent one week in a studio, somewhere on the German countryside and it was really funny.

LK: I see. So...some girls are travelling to wherever you go. Do you think this ist nice or is it actually really annoying??
Theon:  It's nice.
LK: It's nice?
Theon: Yeah it's just a little bit harder to perform for them because there's nothing you can...(Looks to Marko: "Can you stop that?" White Flame were already performing and you could hear the loud music in the backstage area, where we were sitting and Theon got pretty confused and it was hard for him to concentrate on the questions) did I stop? Ah yes...there's nothing new to show.
LK: Yes, they already know kind of everything, right?
T:  Right, they know everything and they've seen it over and over again.

LK: Okay so you're here to show your new album.
T: Yes!
LK: It's called Pretend Or Surrender and I wanted to know that the idea or the story behind it is.
T: Well, there's a message somewhere hidden in the lyrics.
LK: A hidden message?
T: Yes, I don't wanna preach or something but I clearly point out some of my ideas about what's going on in the world and about how messed up some really are, in my opinion.


LK: And how long did you work on the album?
T: Uhm.
LK: Like, from writing the songs until it was completely recorded?
T:  Well I think we've started to write songs for the album about one year before it came out and  started recording it six months before it was realeased . We recorded it in two sessions and the songwriting took something about half a year and recordings maybe two or three months.
LK:  So you were pretty fast.
T: Yes, but actually we had pretty much time before recording that album.
LK: So you're practising it, before you record them?
T:  Yeah, but I call it also writing because then we do the arrangement together.

LK: And did you write all the songs yourself? I mean, do you write them or together with the rest?
T:  Together.  I write the lyrics and compose the vocal melodies but we do the rest of the stuff together.
LK: So there's no person working for you, who is writing your songs? Because some artists have such ones.
T: No, we do that all by ourselves.


LK: How important is it for you to put real life experiences into your songs?
T: Oh, I think many songs are close to my personal experiences but I tried to keep them not too close.
LK: Okay.
Some guy is walking in and the music is too loud to talk.
T:  Sorry for that.
LK: It's okay. So your audience is actually pretty young. Do you think it's ok or would you like to see more older people standing there?
T: Ahm, well I think most of the fans, at least here in Germany are adults...
LK: You think so?
T: Yes, they're something between 16 and 30.

LK: Uhm. Well. So obviously pretty much younger girls are in love with you, right?
Theon looks surprised, raising his eyebrows.
LK: *laughs* Oh come on! You can't tell me that you don't know that.
T: Well, I think that they like us, "Love" is a strong word.
LK: Yes, that's right but they think they do.
T: Yes.
LK:  You know. They don't know you, they just see you on stage and believe it. So what do you think about that?
T:  It's pretty strange when someone, that you've never met, comes over and tells that they love you.
It sounds pretty absurd but I guess that's part of being a fan.

LK: And where's the point when fans are getting annoying? Maybe when you're buying food  and they come over for some autographs over and over again or stuff like that?
T:  Oh when I am eating or stuff like that than it might be a bit annoying. But if I'm walking on the street by myself and some fan asks for an autograph than it's fine with me.
LK: And that happens often?
T: No, not that much.
LK: But I think, it happens more often here in Germany. When you have a gig and walk around before the show, I guess.
T:  Hm. We like to meet the fans after the gig.
LK: You do?
T:  Yeah after the gig we always go and meet the fans to sign autographs and take pictures.
LK: So that's absolutely ok for you?
T: Yeah!


LK: How do you feel about the fact that some fans really know a lot about you, even about your private life? They're talking about that in forums and in the web. Do you think that's ok?
T: Well I don't neccessarily like it that much but most of the information is incorrect anyways.
LK: Yes but I guess that's actually the most annoying part of it. They talk about stuff they heard from somebody, who has heard it from somebody else...
T: Yeah, yeah.
LK:  So would you tell your fans that this is not okay when they would tell you that they heard this and that about you and it was wrong information?
T: Sure. I would say that it's not right and that I want to talk about stuff like that.
LK: Okay.

LK: So back to your music! Could you imagine working together with a German band?
T: Sure.
LK: Which one?
T: You mean writing songs or what?
LK: I mean everything, performing, writing. I saw you touring with LaFee for example.
T: Yeah. But that wasn't the right band.
LK: I know! *laughs*  But would you do it with a band like Tokio Hotel?
T: *laughs* Well I am sure that Tokio Hotel isn't the right band to work with us but on our first tour KIND IM MAGEN were touring with us and they're great guys.
LK: They are!
T:  And I like their music.
LK: But you didn't perform with them, aye?
T: Well not at the same time. *looks confused*
LK: Yes, I know. But I being on stage and singing a song together.
T: Ah. No. We didn't.
LK: But you would actually?
T: Sure. Why not?


Sammy is complaining about something in finnish. Lithium Kitten looks at Theon.

T: Oh. He's just complaining, that I am filming him all the time. *laughs*
LK: Yes, but we're taking pictures afterwards  so there's no escape for him.
Sammy laughs.

LK: I've seen a video of you and Negative on Youtube, doing some prank call on somebody. What was it about and whose idea was it?
Julian: Well, what should I say. Hm. *thinks*  Well, I've seen...
Theon interrupts him: We were in Japan!
Julian: Yes, we were in Japan and there's a version of this prank on Youtube with subtitles.
We were in a bar in Tokyo, having a little after party and there was someone with the great idea to do a prank call. The guys from Negative were in the same hotel and somone had a list with all the names of the band members of the finnish bands and where they're all sleeping and we called that guy. Antti from Negative was immitating some guy from a Japanese rock magazine and uhm...
LK: You were telling him to do an interview, right?
J: Yes!
LK: And did you meet him afterwards? Did you spy on him?
J: No. We had this camera for recording the tour for a finnish magazine and we gave it to Negative. So there were this Japanes girls, immitating some school girls and they made up some really crazy questions. They recorded the faked interview.
LK: So you're doing stuff like that often?
J: *laughs* Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo....
LK: Noooooo!! Of course not.  Never put a prank on eachother?
T: Not yet!


LK: Okay...than I'd like to know what's the best thing on being in this band.
Julian: Maybe Sammy could start! You got something to say?
Sammy: The best thing on being in this band is probably Theon, bacause he is so goddamn manly!
*everybody laughs*
Julian: Great guys, great music. I just love it.
Jason: Well, I think the best part is daylife and touring. Why especially with this band? Becaus the guys are fun to hang out with and we're great friends and of course the music is great. I dunno. It's just that everything works as it should.
Christian: I think this guys are all great gays! *the whole bunch is bursting into laughter* They're all great and I love touring with them. It's really great.
Theon: Uhm. No matter how sad I feel, Sammy's heavily muscles always brighten my day.
Vivian: Well of course the best thing are these guys.  They're like my second family and that's the best thing!

LK: So in the end I'd like to know what we can expect in the future.
Theon:  We're going to Russia afterwards and then we're starting to work on our third album.
LK: Okay.
T: And we still have some shows in Finland. Hopefully they're as good as in the rest of Europe. Yes and soon we start working on the album.

LK: Okay. That's it. Thank you.