Lovex -Munich-Backstage-16.10.08
by Lithium Kitten

Obviously finnish bands are partial to tour through Germany when it's getting dark and cold. To affirm this  suggestion, Lovex came back for some shows, introducing their newest album Pretend Or Surrender to the German fans.

After the guys from White Flame, who were supporting Lovex left the stage at about 8.30 pm, Marko, the band's tourmanager and roadie walked on the stage to do the compulsive soundcheck.
The tension was high, when the lights went out and the six guys entered the stage, accompanied by the intro from their opening song "If she's near". Loud screaming filled the little club when the first accords grew louder and leader Theon gave his best to catch the crowd within the first seconds.
A well known Lovex-Oldie called Bleeding followed as well as one of the new albums up-tempo numbers "Belonging To No One", before Theon introduced the fourth song of the evening, "My Isolation" with the words "We haven't played it for some time but it's a real great song!".
Halfway, an older song with hard drum intro, played by the band's youngster Julian followed and Theon used the chance to make the audience clap their hands together, just the way the bass drum filled the venue.
Munich was the last gig from this tour and because of this Lovex's frontman wanted to see how much the audience can party, when he introduced "Divine Insanity" the same named song from their last album. The mostly by girls filled crowd jumped and screamed just as much as possible and sang along with the band to prove how much they're waiting for this evening and you could clearly see how much it made the band happy.
"Anyone, Anymore" followed and as soon as the last tunes faded away, the lights went out and a slim shine lightened Theons spot on the stage, who was taking his acoustic guitar, before he announced Tenacious D's "Fuck Her Gently" with the words "This is for all the beautiful ladies tonight!" The fans seemed to be very surprised, that Theon performed this song, was it some kind of insider among the fans long time before.
Some more songs like an half-acoustic version of Turn, Writings On The Wall or the Backstreet Boys Cover Larger Than Life followed. It was time for Theons Outing as a fan from this band, when he called them the best band in the world, before everyone sang along with them.
"Bullet For The Pain", one of the most popular Lovex songs from their debut album "Divine Insanity" was one of the last ones on this evening. "It's so hot in here and before we start to take of all our clothes we play our last songs!". With this Theon announced the vorerst??? last song on the setlist, "Take A Shot!". After a short "Thank You!" the six guys from Tampere left the stage, accompanied by the fan's "WE WANT MORE!" choires.
Some moments passed by, till they returned onto the stage.
The girls melted away when the band started to play one of their greatest ballads on the new album, called "Time And Time Again" and you could feel how much heart singer Theon puts into his lyrics. "Ordinary Day" followed and with their number one single "Guardian Angel" the guys really finished their show and left the stage under frenetic applause.

Looking back you can say that this was a great evening and Lovex showed once more that they know how to conquer the German fans. Surprised by the fact of how much they grew within one year we can be excited about their next masterpiece and look forward on their next tour.


If She's Near
Belonging To No One
My Isolation
Divine Insanity
Anyone, Anymore
Fuck Her Gently (Tenacious D Cover)
Turn (Acoustic)
Writings ON The Wall
Larger Than Life (Backstreet Boys Cover)
Bullet For The Pain
Take A Shot

Time And Time Again
Ordinary Day
Guardian Angel