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The expectations were high and atmosphere tense. . .19th september 2009 at 17:00 in Helsinki in front of the famous Hartwall Arena. Hundreds of fans had already been queueing the whole day,some had even camped during several days to get a spot in the front row. The gig is sold out and people have come from several continents to witness the last gig of the Dark Passion Play tour. Of course many were afraid that at the end another would leave the band as the horrors of 2005 still in their bones. ..luckily their fear was in vain this time!

Apocalyptica as support gave this evening the adequate start and one had again the feeling of being at one of their festival gigs. Their performance was straight and good, with no real highlights but Antti Hyyrynen, singer of the finnish metal band Stam1na as special guest performing “I´m Not Jesus” and “I Don´t Care”. The rest of the gig was composed of classics like “One” and “Inquisition Symphony” but also pieces out of their own feather as for example “Grace” (Worlds Collide). They finished like they usually do, with the always appreciated “Hall Of The Mountain King”.

After are a quite short break for such a gig the band everyone had waited for, stepped on stage!! The audience was unleashed, the atmosphere emotionally loaded. The set was the same then the festival set with some additional surprises like “Walking In The Air” and “Meadows Of Heaven”. The whole range of pyro-effects, artificial snow and rain framed the musical performance. Special guests were the well-known Troy Donockley and Pekka Kuusisto with his violin. Mexican waves, Kiitos-Choruses and 1000 of lighters/mobiles during the ballads showed how much the fans were/are standing behind their band! At the end of the gig speaches full of emotions were  by Marko Hietala and Anette Olzon did the rest leave behind an audience with tears in their eyes. Thow the gig itself wasn´t that much of a surprise for those fans who have already a certain number of Nightwish gigs behind them it was a great evening full of great music and emotions! Some complained about the set others (still) about Anette´s voice but in general we all left the arena touched and happy.