Interview Solar Fake at Amphi 2009
Nadine Romance

Hey Sven! At first I would like to thank you that the intervention of the interview was
so trouble-free.

No problem!

You are an old-timer of the Amphi festival, jsut last year you played here with
"Zeraphine". You already playd your gig today. SO, what is your impression of this year?

Again there are so many visitors here. The Amphi is every year so specific, there is a
certain mood between the audience that incomparable. When you're on stage, you can see
that there are a few people that start to make party and that contines to all other
people and that's so much fun to watch. Maybe it's also the special stage order that adds
this atmosphere. At some festivals the stages are o far away from each other and then
it's very hard to create a certain mood like people are linked to each other. But at the
Amphi it's exactly like this and I really like that.

And to compare it to the last years? What has changed?

It rained this year, last year it rained, too. In the year when I played with "Dreadful
Shadows" here, we were in the Theater and so I don't know. I just hope that the Amphi
won't book us just for inside now (smiles)

Now that you name your different project, how do they differ? And what is the difference
when you do a show with "Zeraphine" or with "Solar Fake"? Or is gig just gig?

No, that is basicalls different. "Zeraphine" is a rockband, there is a drummer on stage,
there is a bassplayer on stage, two guitars and me and there is a complete interaction
on stage, that means that these shows are also different musically. Different things are
happening the musicians can react on and that totally disappears at "Solar Fake". The
stage is almost empty and tidy, you don't stumble on cables and that is super. It always
sounds great on stage, I don't know how it is in the audience, but on stage it's always
a good sound. Everything sounds cleaner and that is a big advantage thus I can sing
better. Of course it feels different wehn you have a band that is really rocking, that is
completely different and a lot of fun but "Solar Fake" is also a lot of fun. I also move
so different, normally I just walk forwards and backwards because there are so many
people on stage and then I only need a little piece of cabel but today it was even to
short (laughs)

Do you have a favourite project?

That is really hard to say, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. I couldn't
say that I like "Zeraphine" more than "Solare Fake" or the other way round. I try to
seperate that completely in my head, I think you have to do that otherwise it would get
very chaotic. "Solar Fake" generally feels different, I am all alone, that 100% myself
and that's really good because I don't have to do any compromises and I only have to
fight with myself. With "Zeraphine" there is always the input to every song from the four
other musicians and that is missing at "Solar Fake". It's always positive to get other
peoples opinion and to work with them on songs but with "Solar Fake" I do that alone. But
that is sometimes quite enjoyable when that alternates, on the one hand you do something
for your ego and you do exactly what you wanna do and then you work again in a team, that
is also great.

So, let's ask the question diferently: How do you live up musically in your projects?

I don't live it up with "Dreadful Shadows" at all anymore because we're just playing
shows. It's only nostalgia for us. It's fun to meet the guys and to play the old songs
and to listen to them, also after this long time we wern' really in contact. But in my
head it's enclosed. You should never say that but I think that it's impossible that we
get together again to do new songs.
With "Zeraphine" I live up everything that I wanna live up, also with "Solar Fake". I
just like electronic music and that is why I creaed "Solar Fake" but I also like
rockmusic and that is why I have "Zeraphine". I can jump from one rail to the oher and
that is really cool.

"Solar Fake" exists since 2007 and in 2008 your album "Broken Grid" came out. Was it a
like a dream came true to do a pure electronic album?

Absolutely! It's always so difficult, I extremely like electronic music, I also listen to it
a lot privately but I also do like so many other different styles in music. That is why
I cannot pu "Broken Grid" in an order because it's not only "Future Pop". There are so many
other elements inside it, like electro-punk and so I think, even if it's really electronic,
it's nevertheless varying and that's something I realy wanted to create. So I will continue
to do that. The opportunity is given to not only focus on one style. And that is also the
only thing that I really wanna have with "Solar Fake", it is electronical and should stay
elecronical. That is the only astriction I set myself.

And when will there be a new album?

At first I'll work on "Zeraphine" and then there will hopefully be a bew album soon. We're
not done with the songwriting and we're not done with the contract negotiations. But after
least they started. We came quite far but we're just almost done. But the plan is that is
will be released at the beginning of 2010. Actually it should come out in January but
we won't make it until then. But as soon as I am sone with the "Zeraphine" songwriting, I
will start again with "Solar Fake". I really seperate them, I don't take a keyboard thing
and keep it for "Solar Fake". At the songwriting beginning every song can turn into

With "Zeraphine" you respond a huge array of people. Does that resemble with "Solar Fake" or
do you think that people only listen to "Solar Fake" because you are the singer of

I think that graduates a bit. Relatively many people are interested in what I do because of
"Zeraphine". But I also talked to many people who heard "Solar Fake" somewhere in a club,
who didn't know "Zeraphine" before because they don't like guitarmusic. That really
divides, sometimes there are new people there but partly also visitors I also saw at

So, is it a problem for you if some people just think "Hey, that is Sven Friedrich, I like
everything that he does!"?

No, that is alright for me. I am also not only listening to one band. In the past I think it
was so annoying, around the 90s, there were people who ONLY listened to electro and people
who ONLY listened to guitarmusic, that was so extreme. I am glad that today that this is
quite soft. It's so stupid if someone is smug in it's taste of music. Of course, it's a
matter of taste, when someone doesn't like electronical music, you shouldn't force him.
I made the experience that there are so many people listening to so different music styles
because there are always interfaces in the music. Like "Diary Of Dreams", for me, they are
no pure electronic band. Or "Project Pitchfork", for me, they are more a punkband that
does a lot electro. See them live, they are killers! It's very punky what they do. And
"Diary Of Dreams" could also be a guitarband, they just use other elements and I think that
is musically very attractive. And so there is no reason to say to a band "No, I don't listen
to them because they only use synthesizers!". Ehm...I din't answer your question at all,

No, but I can ask it differently (smiles). I meant if it's a problem if people listen to
your music just because YOU are doing it.

Oh, okay, like this! Pfft...In the end, I don't care, as long as they listen to it, that's
okay (laughs). Of course I am flattered if people set music on te first place and not the
person that is creating that music. It's not long ago, I philosophized with a friend about
that because he is in a situation like that. He meant that if people are led to the music
over the musicians then the result in the end is the same and so it's okay.

With all your concentration on your work, where do you get your ideas from?

Well, I don't know, I think any number of things leads me to new ideas. My taste in music
also changed over all there years. You see, I am a "coma-listener", if I like something, I
listen to it until I'm full. But these are albums that doesn't jar on my nerves, an album I
can listen to a hundred times, without sucking. And that inspires me. Especially different
music gives me new ideas. Don't get me wrong, I don't steel. I just think that it's
important to keep your musical horizon open. I see if something gives me an idea and if it
would fit into "Zeraphine" or better into "Solar Fake". You always change, today I listen
to completely different things that I once listened to in 1993 or 94 when I startes with
"Dreadful Shadows". But then tonight "Fields Of The Nephilim" are playing here and that
is awesome because they were my heros! I don't listen to them anymore because after so many
years, you just know the songs. But, not so long ago, I occasionally put one of their CDs on
and it's still great work.

And what about other bands? Do you wanna see some?

Yes, "Covenant" definitely. But until then, I have things to do, so I can't see any other
bands as "Covenant" and "Fields Of The Nephilim". But these are the ones, I really wanted
to see.

Will you be here tomorrow?

No, it's quite a long way from Cologne to Berlin, so we're leaving tonight.

So, that means you're not partying?

Well, we will celebrate later a bit but for now, I have to be stay sober (laughs)

You already told us a bit about your taste in music. What else do you listen to?

At the moment, I mostly listen to the new "VNV Nation" album ("Of Faith, Power And Glory"),
I really like that one. For the rest the new "Placebo" album ("Battle For The Sun") was
a disappointing, especially because I thik they're awesome. But I really cannot get into
the new one, I tried to hard and I listenes to it so often but I don't like it. That is so
sad because I was looking forward to that album so long. Maybe the new songs are just not my
type. Otherwise there was not so much released yet this year.

Now that you're so disappointed from "Placebo", have you already heard the new songs live?

Not yet, but I ave tickets for Berlin but I am thinking about giving them away (smiles). I
was at so many "Placebo" concerts and it's so funny that you can see when they have fun on
stage but you can also see when they are bothered. Meanwhile you don't, today they seem,
like they're having fun. But I remember a concert where you could see in all their faces,
that there was something terribly wrong, maybe it was the sound on stage or something,
in fact they had no desire. I found that so funny, because you haven't go to show that,
people say, but I found it super. I mean, if it's all shit then it IS shit, what do you
wanna do then? Such concerts were always an experience for me but at the last concerts,
there was always a very positive engery on stage and I don't think hat they will only play
the new songs...

So, what are your plans for the future?

We'll play on Polands Castleparty with "Solar Fake" and "Dreadful Shadows", with
"Zeraphine" on the M'era Luna festival and we're working on the new album, so there is still
a lot to do!

Thank you so much for the interview! It was a lot of fun!

Yeah, for me too!