Sonic Roots interview by Frances Amelie Sin ™ in Berlin 16.02.2007 @ Wild at Heart with Henry Lee Roots, Stacey Goddard and Björn Again Electric.

1. @ Henry Lee Roots: Describe the Bandmembers including yourself in a few  words:

-  powerful, hard  (about Sonic Warland)
-  outgoing, stable, warm (about Björn Again Electric)
-  agressive, powerful, hard (about Stacey Goddard)
-  powerful, hard, sensitive (about himself)

2. When can we await the new album and how far is the recording gone yet?

Henry Lee Roots: We have done now three songs in january and after that we will make a few songs more and maybe in autumn like october or september you can await the album.

3. Tell me some good reasons why people really need to have the album!

Henry Lee Roots: It makes you go crazy, it makes you rock and shake your ass (Henry shakes his ass!!) , you know, and  then you will have a lot of fun   and there ist a lot of emotion, yeah emoition... well.

4. Are there songs on the new album that are taken from your own experiences??

Henry Lee Roots (who writes all the lyrics ): Yes every song is a personal song...

5. Will you play a release tour in germany?

All guys together: Of course, we will come to germany again as soon as possible.

Henry Lee Roots : We like to play shows here!

6: Reflect this tour, are you content with it, does anything works well?

Henry Lee Roots: Yeah everything worked well. Tom and Corinna of the Berlin Glampires have been really kind to us  everytime we have been here.

Stacey Goddard: We know them for longer, first met them in 2005 and they helped us then and now again...They are good friends, you know .

Henry Lee Roots: Yeah, very good friends!

7: What are your expectations for the near future??

Henry Lee Roots: To make good shows in future, and have more fans then,  make good music-videos in future and travel around the world with our music. At the moment, you know, I am concentrating right to the music. It is a long winter to write songs and you think a lot of bullshit after 6 month of darkness so the lyrics coming out and I think... I survived the darkness again.
(all of us laughing)

8. Well,  is there any musician you dare to work with??

Henry Lee Roots: Ok I would say the band Motörhead. I would like to work with  Animal Boys (I hope I understand it right- Animal Boys are a Ramones cover band) and Hanoi Rocks would be nice, yeah thats maybe my choice.

Björn Again Electric: Animal Boys (?), Axl Rose, Nick Royale of the Hellacopters, and well Tony Lommi from Black Sabbath would be great!

Stacey Goddard:  Whats coming to my mind first is Joey Ramone and yeah it woul be nice to make music with Joey Ramone yeah well
(Joey Ramone was the singer of the Ramones and he died in 2001)

9. What do you like most in germany?

All three together: The people !!!!

Frances Sin ™: Yeah I often heard that german fans are the most loyal fans, do you think  thats true??

Stacey Goddard:  Yeah maybe... and they wait  for hours before the shows.

Henry Lee Roots: They are always there and thats what I like.

Frances Sin ™: It’s not the same in Finland??

Henry Lee Roots: No, the fans can like your show a lot but they don’t show it in that way to you ! They are good fans as well, but they are totally different you know.

10: Ok I have some questions besides the band.
How many instruments are you playing??

Björn Again Electric: I play drums and guitar and base and harp   aahhh harmonica I mean
 (everybody is laughing and Henry shows some harp - playing like a little angel on a cloud  and sings some finnish words)

Henry Lee Roots:   I play drums and very poorly guitar (laughs) mostly I play myself ( doing weired things... )

Björn Again Electric:  I play Bongodrums

Stacey Goddard:  I play baseguitar, a little bit of piano and when I was younger I played  classical music, I played bassoon (it  is a fagott- he shows how to do it in a very funny way)

11: Imagine – what would you have become if you did not get into touch with the music?

Henry Lee Roots : I am a chef also (cook) I make food (me laughing)

Björn Again Electric: He is very good yeah yeah...
 (both talking together about rock’n‘roll and food, sorry I don’t understand it anymore on my tape)

Björn Again Electric: He‘ s a very good chef, you should try his food (yeah I want to ...)

Björn Again Electric:  Ohm no,  I have played so many shows in all the years, I was writing for a finnish metal music magazine and then also I have organized concerts in Helsinki and doing a lot of DJ work, thats why music is my life, and music.. well I eat and breathe that, you know, my heart beats for that music, so I would not change my life for anything else. I love my life like this, I am happy.
Stacey Goddard: If I wasn’t playing in a band I would probably try to save the world in some other way, you know, I mean the environment

Frances Sin ™: Like working with Greenpeace??

Stacey Goddard: Yeah kinda.

12: Do you have any lucky charm??

Henry Lee Roots: Yeah I have a dreamcatcher at all... maybe not saying anything else... you know somtimes old friends giving me something and say well thats for you, and thats my lucky charm then... these things!

Stacey Goddard: Elephants.. yeah !! Not the real ones ...

Frances Sin ™: Hard to carry with you...

Stacey Goddard:  You know I think they bring me luck...

Björn Again Electric: I have a T- shirt that I got many many years ago, from a deathmetal band, thats my lucky shirt (laughs) lucky charm!  I like it!

12: Finally , is there anything you want to say ??

Henry Lee Roots: Keep on rocking

Björn Again Electric: Thank you for the interview

All : Thank you for coming to the show

Björn Again Electric: Thank you for being you

(thanks guys, you are so gentle! )

(c) by Frances Amelie Sin ™ &
The Northern Rock Support site

Pictures of the Berlin show : click here    

Thanks to:

Henry Lee Roots - vocals
Björn Again Electric - drums
Stacey Goddard – bass
Sonic Warland - guitars

Constance Binder aka Koernchen for helping me with the Questions and the Videocam!

Tom & Corinna (The Berlin Glampires)