Anton from White Flame
Apr/Jul Hamburg 2009

1) Our last Interview is about 6 month ago! What happened in the meantime?
A: We got our new album Tour Bus Diaries finally done, released it and of course we’ve been do some shows.

2) Your new Album is out now, maybe you can say a few Words to  each  song !
A:Catwalk Surprize: Intro of the first song..
Tall Thin In: Kinda of classic White Flame song, great opening track introduce you what it’s gonna be.
We jam this couple of times in the basement and did this together with good feelin’. It’s little bit “musician song”, you know with the great attitude.

No Good: This is the groovy piece with the American taste.

Dancin’ With Her Sister: Very classic 80’s rock’n’roll, it gets you happy.

Disrespect: Intro of the next song, where two hiphop guys disrespecting us.

Frontrow Girl: Modern song about the girl in the frontrow.

Certainly Something: It’s our pop song, with very catching lines and sounds. Feels like a 90’s.

The Ground: About day after when you gotta do another show.

Twins: About two lovely sister called C85, gives you positive energy!

Shouldn’t Been Messin’: Very cool and dark swing song.

2 Become 1: Classic stadium rock with the slide guitar and harmonica.

No Frozen Angels: This is Hanoi Rocks kinda of song feat. Matthau Mikojan.

Life We Never Had: Our power ballad with the country feeling. Typical stuff in U.S. but far from basic Finnish melancholy stuff.

Gone By Tomorrow: We did this in the Yesterday’s News era, but finished it in this album. It’s about superhero.

3) Where do you see the biggest developement from the last to the new Album?
A: There is more different kind of songs and this time we produced more like 21st century sound. And of course band moves on, so it’s easier to do things, you know.

4) Tell us a bit about your songwriting process&
A: Usually Vince or I have an idea which we work on together and do the demo version in my place. But it depends..

5) This was your second tour in GER, what did you expect and how was it ?
A: We expect great shows and already known faces from the first tour etc. and of course we want to extend our fandom, so it’s nice to get know to new people. And sure we like to have great time and party!

6) Why are you on tour with Deep Insight and from where do you know them?
A: Well we both released new album and we have same booking agency so it’s natural to tour together. And they’re great group of crazy dudes.

7) After touring Europe and getting known better, did your lifes change?? Did you change???
A: Hmm.. I don’t feel like changing, except I’ve been learning something more about music business, touring and simply the cities we’re visited. Of course we get more contacts by people in Europe via internet, but it’s nice.

9) What are the things you are most missing while touring??
A: Long sleeping in own bed and food when ever you want it!

10) What do you always have with you on tour??
A: I don’t have any good-luck charm with me, I use my guitars and other stuff . And it’s nice to have money.

11) What are the first 3 songs your mp3 player / I-pod shows if your start it??
A: 1: Donny Olkkola - Halippazuipa
2: Matthau Mikojan – Threw Time Away
3: Aerosmith – Draw The Line

12) If you could be someone else, who would it be??
A: I would be transformers robot Optimus Prime or Soundwave. Or maybe an interviewer and make lot of questions to the artists.

13) If you could have a superpower- wich would you chose??
A: Invisible man! Just give me a gun.

14) Wich question would you ask your band members?
A: Vince: How much the Hobbits drink in the backseat while the band touring?

Sammye: How do you shave your hair, and I’m talkin’ Downtown!?

Jony: Is there any problems with tight pants, you know. Is it in left or right leg of trousers?

15) What can we expect from you in the future??
A: Well, we will do some shows, in some point there’s coming up some new songs with heavy riffs which we like to working ahead, gettin’ unexpected troubles with the different things in music business I quess and having a time in the summery Finland. Stay tuned!

Thanks to Silke, Steffi and WF esp. Anton for lots of patience :)